Friday, January 29, 2021

[Products Review] My Favourite Daily Personal Care Products from Shopee

Decided to do a product review post to share on some of my favourite personal care products that I've been using on a daily basis which I bought online from Shopee. This is also one of the rare blog posts I'm sharing that is actually not food related.

I was first introduced to KUNDAL, Korea's No. 1 Personal Care Brand somewhere in July last year and since then, I've been using their range of hair care and body wash products. Thanks Jessie @dipmecocoa for introducing this brand to me! 

I first started using their KUNDAL Honey & Macadamia Nature Shampoo in White Musk scent and I can feel significant changes to my hair. The scent of white musk can last for about a day and my hair felt soft and smooth after every wash making it so easy to manage. 

Some of the benefits include: 

- Contains 32 different natural extracts. All ingredients are EWG Green Grade (except perfume)
- No harmful chemicals or silicone so it's safe to use every day
- Helps maintain pH balance (pH 5.5, similar to skin & hair)
- Contains nourishing protein for damaged hair
- Comes in 9 different unique scent to choose from namely, Acacia moringa, Baby powder, Blanc, Cheery blossom, Clean Soap, Fuzzy navel, Pink grapefruit, White musk, Ylang ylang, there's definitely a scent that will suits you. 

I'm currently using my second KUNDAL shampoo in BLANC scent and I think I still prefer White Musk to this. I intend to try out all their scents to see which one is my favourite. I've even changed my hubby's shampoo to this brand as well. The only thing that I don't quite like is the pump head. It seems that every time when I press the pump head, the shampoo just couldn't land nicely on my palm thus causing wastage. 

Their hair treatment comes in a 500ml bottle as well and makes a good supplement to the shampoo. I'm using the KUNDAL Honey & Macadamia Treatment in Clean Soap. Similar to their shampoo, they have a variation of 9 different scents. Love how easily this treatment gets absorbed into my hair making my hair feels hydrated and silky. 

Occasionally, I would use the KUNDAL Ultra Hair Serum to reduce the fizziness to my hair ends. This serum contains 15 different natural oil extracts and is a pure, highly concentrated oil with no addition of water and alcohol. Overall, with these three products, my hair condition improves tremendously. For once, I'm contemplating keeping my hair long instead of cutting it short every time it reach a certain length. 

KUNDAL Honey & Macadamia Body Wash contains 42% Aloe Vera leaf extract and 23 different natural extract. I always look forward to a relaxing bath time when I get home after work and this body wash helps with the refreshing scent. My skin feels smooth and moisturize after shower. KUNDAL products is available for retail at Guardian or online at Shopee. 

I started realizing the importance of incorporating feminine hygiene as part of my daily personal care routine after one of my friends suffered from yeast infections which is a common vaginal problem that most women will experience at some point in our lives. Have been searching for a good female intimate wash and was introduced to Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash sensitive with pH 3.8 that is 100% soap and alkali-free. They also have one with pH 6.8 which is suitable for menopause years. The difference in pH value is due to the hormone level of estrogen which starts to go down during menopause phase. The one formulated at pH 6.8 contains Panthenol to soothe & regenerate irritated areas and also contains Witch Hazel as anti-bacterial and anti-itching effect.

For daily feminine hygiene needs, this product has the following benefits: 

- Formulated with pH 3.8 to stabilizes the natural balance of micro flora in the female genital area during the fertile years of a woman's life
- For use during childbearing years and after child birth
- Protects against infections & odour
- Mild and gentle cleansing makes it suitable for daily use
- Natural moisturizing effect from Aloe Vera extract
- The active ingredient of Chamomile extract soothes & prevent irritation, provides an antibacterial effect

I've been using just a tiny drop of it during bath time and I love how it creates a nice lather on my wet hands. Most importantly, it is able to cleanse the intimate area gently without any irritation. It doesn't cause imbalance to the pH level of that area and helps to solve the odour and itchiness issues. I love the flora scent of this product and how it is dermatologically tested by gynecologists without any animal testing.

This product is made in Germany and is available for purchase at selected Watson stores or simply quote [CHEWYJAS] under the remarks to redeem a Sebamed Trial Set worth $10 upon purchase on Sebamed's E-Stores (Shopee & Qoo10) (While stocks last). Instagram: @Sebamed_SG #IdealFeminineWash #SebamedSingapore

That's all for my sharing now, I will try to share more interesting finds and reviews. Stay tuned! 


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