Thursday, May 19, 2022

[Event] Restaurant Asia 2022 & International Coffee & Tea Asia 2022

 With the borders opening up, so does the launch of mega physical MICE events. The 3rd edition of Restaurant Asia 2022 (RA 2022) and the 9th International Coffee & Tea Asia 2022 (ICTA 2022) which comprises of the 9th edition of Cafe Asia and the 8th edition of Sweets & Bakes Asia sees key business leaders and industry players from both local and international F&B scene turned up in full force during the official opening. Held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore Expo and Convention Centre, the three day event from 19 May to 21 May allows participants from the F&B scene to look for new opportunities and new markets especially in the areas of food ingredients, supply chain, operations, manpower, and innovation. 

(Official Media Photo) Guest-of-Honour, Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Trade and Industry, during the official opening 

Spanning across 5,000 sqm of gross exhibition area, a total of 115 brands and companies from more than 15 countries including Singapore are part of the exhibitors at this trade show. We got to meet some cool equipment vendors to understand what they have to offer. 

Check out this Next-Gen Ripple Maker II by ripples and Print & Digital Media. This machine can literally turns any foam-based drinks into a customized drink through printed designs, images and messages that can be personalized in real-time. 

Jessie and I did a live testing of the machine as we tried to print a selfie we took on the spot on the coffee and it works! In just a few seconds, our selfie was reflected on the machine for us to choose and within a few minutes, it's printed nicely on the cup of coffee for drinking. We were told that one of the Irish Bar at Millenia Walk used this machine to print on their beer. 

The different ripples pods for different colour printing. The Carrot (Red) one can print the highest up to 1,000 prints and the Glow (Lime) one is the latest available ripples pods. 

Next, we were introduced to the Compact Sushi Forming/Wrapping Machine from Suzumo. This 2-in-1 machine can helps to divide the rice and form it into the sushi rice ball shape before wrapping the sushi beautifully and keeping the sushi fresh. The machine also adopt the Easy-Open film which is a suitable wrapping sushi style for catering and take-out business. Just need to pull both sides of the film to enjoy the sushi (Patented).

Next, we came to my favourite section of the exhibition, the Hawker Street. With the support of the Frederation of Merchants Association Singapore (FMAS) and its Hawkers Division, this section showcase some of the different Hawkers. 

We tried some yummy meat skewers from Volk, which was recently awarded the Promising New Hawker Award. Their skewers bowl comes in four different form, with sushi rice, brown rice, salad or soba. Best part is it's located at Taman Jurong Food Centre which is near to my house. Gonna try eating there one of these days. 

A small crowd was forming around the next booth to try the local favourite, Carrot Cake from Tian Kee. They sells Carrot Cake, Hokkien Mee and Oyster Egg at their stall in Marine Parade Central. We took their name card and was told that this would entitle us a $1 off next time we eat at their physical stall. Tried a small portion of their white carrot cake that was cooked on the spot and it's delicious. comes with their homemade preserved radish which is more on the sweet side.

Next, I also tried some chicken toast made by a guest chef from Electrolux Professional who was using the kitchen in the morning from the Chicky Fun booth, what is so special for their chicken is that they used the Combi Over from TY Innovation's Technology Kitchen to fully bake their chicken. Chicky Fun has a few outlets around Singapore so can try them out next time.

Right next to the Hawker street is the Halal Street. Spotted my all time favourite muffins from AJ Delights and bought a box of 2 muffins even though I just did a group buy with them. Next year, we should be able to see more Halal offerings as a memorandum of Understanding was signed between CEMS and ER Marketing to form a Halal Pavillion in the Cafe Asia 2023 and RA 2023 Exhibitions

 At the official Korean Pavilion, we got to try some of their specialty products from the TREE TO BAR brand such as this chocolate. This white salami looking chocolate is actually Ecuador White Chocolate with Almond, Pistachio, Cranberry, Orange peel and Apricot and it taste really smooth and nice. Selling as a special price of just $10 instead of $15 at this exhibition.

Feeling thirsty, check out the DA-SH Sparkling water with 0% sugar and 0% calories that comes in 4 different flavours. If you are feeling adventurous, try the cucumber flavour. We each choose the peach flavour to bring home to try. There's also a photo wall for photo taking. 

We also tried some Organic Energy Drinks from DARK DOG. The DARK DOG trademark was created in Austria in 1995 and launched in 2000. DARK DOG is one of the best energy drinks and is distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide. High in Antioxidant and Vitamin C, DARK DOG organic energy drink has gone above and beyond to meet the ever-increasing demands of health-conscious consumers. The drinks contains the highest quality organic certified ingredients in every can from around the world. Some of the organic ingredients includes organic cane sugar in the original flavour, Organic Green Coffee Beans Extract, Organic Guarana, Organic Green Tea.

The last booth we visited was OAT-LY where the friendly staff treated us a cup of Oatmilk Coffee and ice-cream. I tried the Caramel flavoured Coffee while Jessie had the Hazelnut one. We both love our oatmilk flavoured coffee. The Oatmilk ice cream is so tasty too. We were lucky to be the first few to try it out as it's not out in the market yet. 

Some of the nice photos taken at the Oat-ly booth photo wall. 

Till the next year for Restaurant Asia 2023. 

For those interested to visit this exhibition, do register online at


Friday, December 03, 2021

[Media Drop] Discover Your Personali-Tea with Haflong Tea

Haflong Tea is a Singapore brand that specializes in bringing variants of high quality organic and natural teas from plantation across the world. The name Haflong Tea is the combination of Haflong Hills and the pristine tea estates of Assam. Assam is located at the foothills of the Himalayas, in the far eastern corner of India and also the place where the founder was born. 

I was glad to receive this nicely packaged media drop consisting of their limited edition Christmas blends and also an invitation to a 45 minutes masterclass with Sharmistha Sen, Managing Director of Haflong Tea. Each tea has its own unique personality and I was invited to discover my own personali-tea by taking a short quiz at to find out which tea blends suits me the most. 

Here's the three different blends of tea that I received which I will also share more information in this blog post.


 Kakao Kreme is the combination of organic Assam black tea with organic dark chocolate pieces. It is rich in antioxidants and is best consumed as a dessert tea. Taste really nice and smooth with a hint of chocolate.  

Brewing Temperature: 100°C
Brewing Time: Tea Cup: 2 -3 Mins / Tea Pot: 3-5 Mins
Caffeine Level:  2/3 (Medium)


Safran Des Indes is inspired by Ayurvedic rituals and created by an enthusiast tea blender. A handcrafted herbal tea that merges the rejuvenating energy of organic turmeric with hibiscus, rooibos, orange peel, and rosehips, blue corn flower, and blood orange with flavours of Orange, Vanilla, and Lemon. This was also the blend that I am matched with after taking the quiz. This blend of tea can be consumed either iced or hot and has a citrus sweet flavour. 

Brewing Temperature: 100°C
Brewing Time: Tea Cup: 2 -3 Mins / Tea Pot: 3-5 Mins
Caffeine Level:  Zero


Spirito Di Vita is a unique blooming tea that was originated from China. It is White tea or Green tea with seasonal flowers and natural flavours of Jasmine or Vanilla. Fresh leaves were sewn in with the seasonal flowers and it's such a joy watching the edible flowers bloom in my glass cup. Really interesting and exquisite.  

Brewing Temperature: 80-90°C
Brewing Time: Watch the mystery unfurl in a tea pot
Caffeine Level:  1/3 (Low)

One general tip, for a full bloom, use glass/teapot that is at least 8cm. 

Big thanks for sending this over to me. I found the tea blend that suits my personality and also enjoy brewing the different tea. Do visit to find out which tea blends suits u the best and don't forget to key in your email address at the end of the quiz in order to receive a S$10 off voucher. 


Saturday, November 20, 2021

[Event] Restaurant Asia 2021 & Cafe Asia 2021

 After a hiatus of 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2nd edition of Restaurant Asia 2021 (RA 2021) and the 8th International Coffee & Tea Asia (ICTA 2021) comprising of the 8th Cafe Asia 2021 and the 7th Sweets & Bakes Asia 2021 finally returns with a 3 days exhibition cum tradeshow at Marina Bay Sands Singapore Expo and Convention Centre from 18th November to 20th November 2021. 

Though the exhibition was much smaller in scale compared to the previous years, my friends and I were still pretty excited to attend this event with our media passes. This physical exhibition also kickstart the return of other mega MICE events in Singapore since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. The pandemic has posed a great challenge for many businesses and the F&B industry is not spare from this as well. 

About 113 exhibitors from 12 countries participated in the show this year. We were greeted by a bevy of roving smart robots from EZ Bot when we entered the exhibition hall. These robots are not unfamiliar to us as we've seen some of these robots in restaurants as well as shopping malls with different tasks assigned to them. The cleaning robot can be tasked to clean the malls and the waiter robot being tasked to deliver food from the kitchen to the customer table. 

The use of these robots not only eliminate the problem with manpower shortage but also greatly reduced workplace accidents. The roving smart robots present at the exhibition were tasked with responsibilities such as air purification, escorting visitors to the respective booth as well as acting as a safe distancing ambassador. 

Look how cute is this robot where the head of the robot is designed to look like a cat. This sure capture a lot of attention. Not only that it is also able to interact with human touches as it changes expressions when someone stroke its head. 

Indonesia as a country partner has its own pavilion showcasing its strength as an important supply chain for ingredients for the F&B, coffee and tea industries. 

The Malaysian state of Sarawak provides an important new source of food supplies has also set up a pavilion at the show by STATOS. We visited their booth, played a simple spin the wheel game and got ourselves some freebies after answering the questions correctly. We also learnt that Sarawak is most famous for their Black Pepper. We also received some samples from Kokokam series which is a line of botanical beverages founded in Sarawak and designed for everyday consumption. I got two packets of the Misai Kucing Cat's Whisker Tea which is known to detox, reduce excess heat, good for expelling urinary tract stones and strengthen immunity as well as two packets of the Kokokam Botanical Tea which is known to detox, reduce excess heat and is good for smokers.  

   At the Kikkoman Singapore booth, we received a cute tote bag containing their soy milk.

We also checked out the different flavours of noodles at the Pontian Malaysian booth. The most popular flavour is the purple sweet potato noodles which was fully redeemed when it's my turn so I requested for the next popular flavour which is the pumpkin one. 

We managed to catch the UCC Siphon Coffee Demonstrations on stage by Elaine Wong, Hong Kong Siphonist Champion 2015 & Hong Kong Coffee Championship Runner Up 2018 & 2019. After that, we even gotten a closer view of the whole siphon coffee brewing process back at the booth as Ms Elaine Wong did the demonstration one more time. The coffee brewed this way has three different layer and is more fragrance compared to the normal brewing. 

It was really nice to be back to attending events once again with my friends. Thanks for the kind invite. 


Thursday, November 18, 2021

[Food] Singapore's First Lok Lok Kiosk at Vivo City having $1 per stick promotion until 30 November 2021

 Lok Lok is a popular street food in Malaysia consisting of meat, seafood and vegetables that are served on skewers. Lok Lok are commonly found by the roadside on a mobile truck and was first introduced to Singapore in 2015 before gaining popularity from 2019. 

Being Singapore's first Lok Lok Kiosk located in a shopping mall, LOK LOK LOH at VivoCity brings about convenience for those who wants to eat Lok Lok as a snack or even as a main without having to cross the causeway. 

Beside the well-loved traditional skewers, one can also find local favourites skewers like dough fritter (YOUTIAO), beancurd skin, pandan chicken, seafood and more at LOK LOK LOH. Keeping to traditions, all ingredients such as the dough fritter are made from scratch every day. The skewer can be either fried or boiled according to preference before adding on their home-made speciality sauces from chilli crab, salted egg, torched mentaiko and a few others. With more than 20 items across meat, seafood and vegetables to choose from, I do had a hard time picking what I want to order. One can be sure of freshness and quality as LOK LOK LOH only prepares the skewers at the point of order. 

"Lok Lok was first introduced to Singapore around 2015 and it has gained popularity from 2019 amongst the younger crowd. To bring the authentic experience and convenience of enjoying Lok Lok to more people, we decided to start Singapore's first Lok Lok kiosk in a high-traffic shopping mall which is perfect as a light snack or even a main for all day enjoyment." said Shawn Seah, the founder, on the concept of LOK LOK LOH.

In order to appeal to families of all ages and office workers in the vicinity, LOK LOK LOH is offering all-day pearl rice bento sets from $4.80 and is currently in the process of obtaining the halal certification. LOK LOK LOH is celebrating their opening with a *$1 per stick offer from now until 30 November 2021. 

Promotion details as follows:

- All skewers at only $1 nett
- Limited to 5 skewers per customer
- No Minimum purchase
- Option to top-up pearl rice with furikake seasoning at additional $1.20
- While stocks last and LOK LOK LOH reserves the right to change or end this promotion without notice.

It's time to STICK TO THE BEST!


Vivo City

Opening Hours: 10.30am - 9.30pm