Saturday, January 12, 2019

[Event] Usher in the Year of the Pig with Exclusive Chinese New Year Deals and Promotions at Millenia Walk

This year, restaurants and stores at Millenia Walk are providing a special experience for everyone to celebrate the Year of the Pig. For those who are looking for a festive reunion meal, Millenia Walk is the perfect place to go to. From unique meat dishes to satisfy your carnivorous cravings to delicious vegetarian options. Not to mention all the various sweet desserts for there sweet tooths, there is  definitely something amazing for everyone.

I was invited to a private and exclusive Chinese New Year luncheon and I was overjoyed to know that I am allowed to bring my hubby and Rena along with me. I definitely appreciate the effort they took to make this special arrangement especially for Rena. We got to enjoy the special highlights of restaurants, eateries and even cafes in Millenia Walk with a 9-course feast.


The event started with a keg breaking session for a free flow of Premium Lager by PaulanerBrauhaus. We never got to try the beer as Rena was around.

Next we gathered around the 3 tables for a mass Lo Hei. Chinese New Year is never short of Lo Hei. Lo Hei is a cantonese word which individually meant tossing and up, it signifies tossing up a good fortune for the new year. However, after various transformation throughout the history, the Chinese in different parts of the world does Lo Hei differently.

In Singapore, we believed tossing higher gives us more luck! Everyone with their friends and family will partake in the tossing of the yusheng, the main of the ingredient in Lo Hei, to usher in good health and wealth for the Chinese Lunar New Year. We had the Original Yusheng, which is halal-certified, from Poke Doke is is full of fresh sashimi and raw vegetables. A total of 19 ingredients were used in this Yusheng. After the session we went back to our seats and the different dishes were served to us.

For vegetarians, there is the option to go meat-free at Elemen that offers a wholesome and eco-responsible meat-free dining experience that doesn't compromised the taste. They used the purest and freshest ingredients to ensure that diners get the very best in every bite . This Double-Boiled Truffle Soup by Elemen, had rich fragrance of truffle shavings and truffle oil, was slow-cooked for over 6-hours with goji berries, monkey head mushrooms and an assortment of Chinese herbs. The truffle taste was not too strong due to the chinese herbs. I was preparing to receive a conflicting taste. However, mix of chinese and western ingredient actually complimented each other. Not only was it nutritional, it also helped to reduce high blood pressure and promote blood circulation.

We came to the meat dish where meat lovers like my husband could rejoice. We were served the Crispy Pork Belly on Potato Cucumber Salad with Parsley Mousse and Paulaner Dark Beer Sauce by PaulanerBrauhaus. This was my husband's favourite dish of all as the pork belly meat was really juicy and soft. However, I found the skin a little too hard.

Next up was another vegetarian dish, the Yam Ring with Assorted Vegetables from elemen. It had a wide variety of vegetables and the yam ring almost melted immediately as I put it in my mouth. The yam ring was in black colour which is very special.

Another seasonal delicacy came next was the Whole Fortune Smoked Corn-Fed Chicken with House-Pickles by Plentyfull. The dish was marinated with 5 spices, smoked over apple wood chips and served with house pickled daikon, carrot and cucumber. The meat was well marinated with the concocted spices. I recommend trying this as it is only available from 14th January to 19th February.

We also got to satisfy our Japanese food cravings when the Tengawa Signature Truffle Oil Chawanmushi by Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry was served. This was a first of its kind in Singapore from Tengawa and was definitely a must-try for truffle lovers. The aroma of the truffle oil filled the event venue when it was served. The normal taste of chawanmushi came first then before the truffle taste. Again, another fantastic fusion dish.

Borrowdale Award Winning Free Range Pork Loin Katsu Gozen by Saboten was made from free-range pigs. The pork is sourced from an RSPCA approved farm and had no added hormones. This ensured diners that what they ate was safe and free from harm. The meat is a bit tough because there was no moisture infused.

For staples, we had the Torimon Ramen by Uma Uma. This is their famous raman which was both a comforting and traditional match of tori (chicken) and lemon. Thin Hakata noodles, chicken thigh and egg were served in a rich chicken broth that was well-balanced with a hint of citrus. The unique thing about this ramen was that it was boiled for 7-hours with chicken bones instead of their signature pork bones. The lemon added a zest of flavours to the already rich and thick broth.

Any meal had to be completed with desserts. We had the Frozen Smores by The Dark Gallery. This delicious sweet treat was made of a Graham Tart Shell with their Signature 80% Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Ganache, and Torched Marshmallow. Though dark chocolate was used, it did not taste as bitter as I imagined them to be. Do visit them as they also offered a variety of other choices.

Feeling thirsty while shopping? Just drop by Super Tea to enjoy a cup of refreshing 凤梨不知春 or Blossom Pineapple, which was a unique blend of pineapple, passion fruit and peach Oolong that truly reflects the essence of modern tea. I was quite surprised that this drink appealed to me as I was not a pineapple lover.

Overall, we had a very enjoyable time, where flavours, from the style of cuisine, from East to West, spreaded all over our taste buds. Indeed A Reunion To Remember!

We also got to bag home some vouchers and a beautiful card holder from ANASTASIA BY RAINE that is made from vegan microfiber leather.


Spend $88: Draw of Great Fortune - Try your luck at the Lucky Draw till 19th Feb :

○ 1st Prize - Bedroom Makeover from Harvey Norman worth $3,000
○ 2nd Prize - Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan worth $899
○ 3rd Prize - 2D1N Staycation at Conrad Centennial Singapore worth $500

With a minimum spend of $88 a day, which can be combined with up to 3 receipts of the
same date from any shop at Millenia Walk, you stand a chance to win. Each shopper can
claim up to 10 chances in a day. Present your receipts worth $88 or more at the mall's service
desk to enter the electronic lucky draw.

You can come back the next day and shop more at Millenia Walk to increase your chances of
winning till 19th February. All the chances will be accumulated till the draw date at the end of
the campaign. The more you spend, the more chances you have of winning.

Reunion Giveaways - Consolation Prize for lucky draw

20 x $50 vouchers from Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant
10 x $50 vouchers from Saboten Japanese Restaurant

There will also be a variety of other exciting promotions and giveaways during this festive
period, so be sure to stop by Millenia Walk to be rewarded. The highlights include:

Fashion Fridays Promo: (Every Fri from 18 Jan – 1 Mar)
○ Shop for stylish Chinese New Year outfits at participating fashion stores and get
a $50 Rakuzen Dining Vouchers with a minimum of $350 spent. Valid at Angel
Republic, Stylesuite, Superlatives, Déjà vu Vintage and Hue

Spend $888 - Sweet Sweet Success Valid till 4 Feb
○ Redeem a box of Kueh Lapis (500g) from The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore*
*Maximum of 3 same-day combined original receipts. Limited to 1 redemption per shopper per day

● Spend $50: Parking Treats
○ Be rewarded with complimentary parking this Lunar New Year

● Spend $228: Packets of Good Luck Valid till 4 Feb
○ Receive an exclusive set of limited edition Red Packets*
*Maximum of 3 same-day combined original receipts. Limited to 1 redemption per shopper per day

Different decorative Red Packs available for redemption every six days between 12th
Jan and 4th Feb 2019. Receive an exclusive set of Red Packets, with a new design
released every 6 days!

Design 1 : 12 Jan to 17 Jan
Design 2: 18 Jan to 23 Jan
Design 3: 24 Jan to 29 Jan
Design 4: 30 Jan to 4 Feb

*Maximum of 3 same-day combined original receipts, Limited to 1 redemption per
shopper per day.

So with so many great deals and promotions going on, why not make Millenia Walk a choice when it comes to celebrating this Chinese New Year reunion?

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039596
Service Desk Tel: 65 6883 1122
Nearest MRT Station: Right above Promenade Station, Circle Line
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm
ig: @milleniawalk


Friday, January 11, 2019

[Product Review] The Nutkins' Black Pepper and Baked Prawn flavoured peanuts

As the Chinese New Year festival approaches, it's also time to stock up on goodies and snacks for visiting relatives and my family to munch on during the long Chinese New Year break. For those who are worried about the calories consumption. look no further as I am going to introduce in this post a newly launched low calorie snack that you can feast on over the break.

Introducing the new range of peanuts from The Nutkins - a new local snack company founded in 2018 by the same guy behind The Kettle Gourmet, 27 year old Zac Chua! Similar with The Kettle Gourmet, the Peanuts come in locally inspired flavours. The nuts are produced in a factory in Malaysia and even before the official launch of the product on Jan 1, The Nutkins has already earned a tremendous pre-sales, breaking even on day one with over 12,000 bags sold via corporate partnerships with giant companies Redmart, Honestbee, Salt Theaters @ Capital Theater, and the Singapore Petroleum Company, just to name a few.

Currently, Zac is thinking of expanding the business to overseas distributors in Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam and to start 5-10 more snack companies within the next five years.

Really yummy, finished the whole packet at one go by myself
Here's the short but inspiring history of The Kettle Gourmet.
In 2017, Zac went to an event and his target then was to give out free popcorn. He made use of the tools that was provided and created an advertisement for this event. However, an online order for the popcorn by a random stranger came through and this was how Zac received his very first sales and it motivated him and made him realized the potential of this initiative. Zac began taking the business seriously, growing The Kettle Gourmet to what it is today with almost 500 bags sold a day. After the success of first product, Zac went ahead and created another product, The Nutkins.

This traditional snacks currently has only two flavours. The peanuts are all freshly baked with no trans fats as they only use 100% pure Canola Oil throughout the baking process. The nuts are also Non-GMO which is free of unnecessary additional processing. The packaging is a seal-able so the peanuts can retain their freshness if you are not able to finish at one go.


This is the first packet that I've tried and in my mind I was anticipating the taste to be something like prawn paste or the dried shrimp rolls. Although I can't really taste much of the baked prawn but it was really crunchy and additive.


 This is my favourite. The peanuts are well seasoned with the black pepper taste and it kept me wanting to pop more in my mouth. Perfect for anyone craving a snack that is out of the ordinary.

These snacks are not only good for Chinese New Year but also during office tea break time when it's getting too stressed up at work. So try them to see how good they are!

Check out the two slow-mo videos of me pouring out the peanuts.

For more information and ordering, do visit their official website


Saturday, January 05, 2019

[RWS INVITES] Musical Taru 恐龙复活了

Musical Taru is a localised adaption of a Korean box-office hit and award-winning musical. This Mandarin production with English subtitles features life-sized dinosaur skeletons which includes a 2.5-metre tall T-Rex fossil, lots of catchy soundtracks as well as a star-studded principal cast.

- Freya Lim, Mandopop Star
- Ling Xiao, Multi-talented Artiste
- Wong Jinglun, Celebrity Artiste

The show started with the siblings Nali and Gao Feng and their friend Da Fa visiting the museum, wanting to be curators. They spent the day at the museum exploring the different exhibits such as the egyptian mummy and queen, primitives, maritime expedition of Zheng He and various fossils of dinosaurs. As night falls and it was time to return home, Gao Feng realised that he has forgotten to take a photo of himself at the museum for his assignment, the three of them went back to the museum again only to find out that the fossil of a baby T-Rex called Taru has been stolen. The exhibits in the museum came alive as it's full moon that night and together with the three main casts, they forged a friendship with the same mission to save Taru from being separated with his mother, Tila.

The most interesting part of this musical was that the life-sized dinosaur puppets was actually made of 'bones' to make them look realistic and with human controlling the movement like those doing Lion Dances. As much as I enjoyed watching musicals,  I find the plot for Musical Taru a bit too draggy, however, the casts did a fantastic job with the songs and dances which kept me going. There were quite a few laughing points, one of which was how the mummy got it's name as James Bond 詹姆士绷带. The adventure even featured our local landmarks like the Bukit Timah Hill.

This is the second complimentary musical invites that I received from RWS Invites and I had fabulous time enjoying the musical.
Thank you RWS Invites


Saturday, December 29, 2018

[FOOD] No Signboard Launches Little Sheep Hotpot At One Fullerton 小肥羊火锅餐厅在新加坡开幕了

The latest franchise ventures of No Signboard Holdings Ltd. is the Little Sheep Hotpot, a very well known hotpot restaurant from China with over 280 outlets across China and international markets including the United States, Canada and Japan.

I love eating hotpot and was thrilled when I received the invitation to be at their opening launch. I am even more excited when I found out that my friends will be there too. Eating hotpot with friends is the most enjoyable activity for me as we could chat and eat all day. It also makes the food tastier. I met up with Jessie first and took a leisurely stroll along the picturesque waterfront hub of One Fullerton where Little Sheep Hotpot is located.

We arrived quite early and had a great time taking photos with friends and the mascot. There was also a big board for us to pen our well wishes.

According to legend, the origin of hotpot dining can be traced back to more than 1,000 years ago where the Mongolian horseman would go hunting in the daytime and as night fall, they will turn their helmets around to fill them up with water and place them in the embers to simmer before adding meat and vegetables. As the Mongolians travelled throughout China, they began to create their own unique dishes by adding the local ingredients along the way.

For Little Sheep Hotpot, it was founded in 1999 in Inner Mongolia, China. Their delicious broth base is made up of an assortment of fresh ingredients and spices such as goji berries, jujubes, black cardamon pods, ginseng and herbs. They are also well known for their Mongolian lamb delicacies thus the name of the restaurant.

Each of us was assigned a table number, and luckily, Jessie, CK and myself was on the same table but Meryl was not. Fortunately, the fourth person was kind to exchanged with her. With the four of us in a sitting, we had a merriest time catching up while attending the event together just like the old times.

The event was well prepared and setup for. We have deejays from the radio station as the host, the Chief Operating Officer of No Signboard gave us an official opening speech and the appearance of the Little Sheep Hotpot Mascot brightened the already exciting scene. Look at how he mingles and pose to the camera!

Each of our table had a twin split hotpot, their Signature Clear Soup and Mala. The other soup flavours are the Tomato and Mushroom soups.

Cheers with beer and the design of their bowl and plates matches their theme very well.

The first dish served was the 3-Tier Signature Lamb Platter 羊关三叠. Different parts of the lamb was served on each tier with the shoulder on the top, side ribs on the middle and mixed parts on bottom. Everyone agreed that the second tier was the best as it had the least gamey taste and had a better chew-factor. The shoulder meat was made extremely thin thus we cooked it with shabu shabu method.

The other signature dish is their Lamb Kebab which is grilled and mixed with the spices. I would say it was really very well marinated. They had a open kitchen concept and we could watch the chef skillful performance through the glass window.

The restaurant seems to cater for seafood and red meat lovers as the choice for chicken is limited.

To mark the auspicious opening of Little Sheep Hotpot. Lion Dance performance was included. Luckily, I am almost done with the meal when the lion dance began so I set off to take some photos and video.

After eating for a while, we ended our the meal with some fruits and ice cream. Everyone can get a chance to twirl the ice-cream using the machine and although no one in our groups is adventurous enough to make an ice-cream tower, I think they did a great job with the twirl while I did the photo taking.

I will end my post wishing Little Sheep Hotpot a great success and I would return with my family as my husband loved red meat.

Little Sheep Hotpot
#01-05 One Fullerton

For reservation: 6222-9959

Seating Capacity: 150 diners, with outdoor seats

A video of the Lion Dance Performance!