Sunday, November 20, 2022

[Dessert] Andersen's of Denmark Celebrates 30 years of Sharing Happiness in Singapore with New Menu Items

Andersen's of Denmark is a gourmet ice-cream maker that is well known for its delectable ice cream flavours, fluffy Danish waffles and famous ice cream cakes. They uses premium ingredients that are procured across the globe including dairy products from Australia, chocolate from Belgium and flavours from Denmark. In Singapore, there are three Andersen's Ice Cream outlets, one at Jurong Point, one at Nex and the other one at Jewel Changi Airport. 

Together with Jessie and Meryl, we visited the outlet at Jewel Changi Airport to try out some of the new menu items launched by Andersen's of Denmark as they celebrates 30 years of sharing happiness in Singapore. 


The all-new and improved Belgian waffle is made using Andersen's tried and tested recipe with authentic Belgian ingredients. The waffles can be customized with a variety of toppings including fruits such as bananas and berries, or confectioneries such as chocolate rice, marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles and a variety of sauces finished off with a scoop of premium Andersen's ice cream in your choice of flavour.  We tried the Belgian waffle in two flavours - Mixed Fruits and Black Forest

The Mixed Fruits consist of banana, kiwi, blueberries and strawberries as fruits toppings and chantilly cream on the waffle. Maple Syrup was in a separate saucer by the side so that we can drizzle the amount we want over the waffle. The ice-cream flavours on the waffle are Blueberry and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. The Blueberry ice cream reminded us of a particular sweet that we used to eat during our childhood. The berries are not too sour and the waffle is crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. 

The Black Forest consist of Strawberries, Blueberries and chantilly cream on the Danish chocolate waffle. Chocolate rice, chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup were drizzled over the waffle. The ice-cream flavour for this were Mocha Almond Fudge and Macadamia Nut. The nuts mixed in the ice cream provides a crunchy feel. I personally prefer this waffle as it has a more cakey texture and I love the combination of the ice cream and toppings. 

Danish Inspired Bingsu

Introducing an all-new menu item - Danish Inspired Bingsu. Like all the other items in the menu, the Danish Inspired Bingsu uses premium Danish ice cream, fine ice shavings and a variety of toppings in this traditional Korean dessert. Currently, Anderson's is offering four delectable Bingsu flavours including Mango Blondie, Creamy Cookies, Strawberry Tickles and Triple Chocolate Fantasy. 

The Strawberry Tickles is perfect for those who love strawberries. It has strawberries, blue berries, chunks of cheesecakes and strawberry ice cream with the milk shaved ice. The strawberries here is a little sour and contrast to the sweet shaved ice and ice cream. 

The Mango Blondie uses fresh mangoes, chunk of cheesecake and the ice cream flavours is Furit of Forest (combination of raspberries and strawberries) on top of the milk shaved ice. This is very refreshing and I love the melt-in-the-mouth experience. 

The all NEW Dandy Cups

The all new Dandy Cup comes in a smaller serving cup in a 100ml packaging allowing individual to enjoy their premium ice cream on the go. This is available in addition to the 473ml packaging which is suitable for the entire family to enjoy. 

"We're excited to give our customers yet another option to enjoy Andersen's most loved ice cream flavours. The 100ml cup will allow Singaporeans to enjoy our premium creations on the go" - said David Leong, owner of Andersen's Ice Cream in Singapore. 

Giving back to our Garden City

Andersen's is well known for their signature ice cream cakes that are available in thirteen unique flavours and three sizes - 500g,1kg and 2kg depending on the design. The Christmas log cake is a festive favourite and is also their best selling items. For every 100 Christmas log cakes sold this year, Andersen's pledges to plant a tree through the Plant a Tree Programme with National Parks Board (Nparks). This is really a good initiatives. 

Danish traditions kept alive through CSR programme

This year, Andersen's continue their mission to spread happiness by hosting monthly workshops for the children on the third Sunday of each month. To cultivate good reading habits in children, the workshop feature a storytelling session and a craft workshop and a little dance activity. Participants will also receive a free scoop of ice-cream and some vouchers. This free workshop will only be hosted at Andersen's flagship branch in Jewel. 

I brought Rena to attend this workshop together with Jessie's niece Kaelyn, they enjoyed the storytelling of The Little Mermaid based on Danish author Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. 

The free scoop of ice-cream in a cup , even the adults were treated with a free cup! Andersen's keeps Danish traditions alive in their cafes with the cone making machines and their ice cream.  

"We hope to keep serving our customers with the quality we're known for. We'll continue sourcing the best ingredients from around the globe to create gourmet blends that speak to our customers' palates and hearts!" - said managing director, David Leong. 

A big thanks to Andersen's of Denmark for hosting us on a lovely Sunday morning. 

Andersen's Ice Cream Cafe @ Jewel Changi Airport 
78 Airport Boulevard 
Singapore 819666
Mon-Sun: 11am to 11pm


Saturday, November 19, 2022

[Media Drop] Enjoy the goodness of Soy with UNISOY

 UNISOY, a 16 years local brand has been offering nutritious soy products for consumers to enjoy the goodness of soy in a fun and convenient way. They offers nutritious soy products that are creamy and tasty and are made from 100% de-skinned non-GMO soybeans. I've always love their fabulous soy milk that is filled with so much plant-based goodness, is calcium fortified and cholesterol free.

Their latest product, Soy Pudding Premix makes it so convenient to make your own soy pudding, or some prefer to call it beancurd at the comfort of home. The soy pudding is smooth, silky and tasty. It contains no gypsum powder and is best served chilled. 

Making soy pudding has never been this easy. It only takes 3 simple steps to make the cold soy pudding and I did it in the office during my spare time. I think even my 5 years old girl would be able to make this easily. 

These are the following steps: 

1) Add 200ml of boiling water into a bowl

2) Pour a sachet of soy pudding premix & stir gently until completely dissolved. Remove foam and bubbles on the top layer. 

3) Let it cool for at least 10 minutes before putting it in the fridge until it is set. For best texture, it is recommended to refrigerate for at least 6 hours. 

Note: It is recommended to consume the cold soy pudding within 2 days from placing them in the fridge. This product is vegetarian friendly. 

The UNISOY Soy Pudding premix can be conveniently bought on shopee at and I'm also running a giveaway on my IG (@chewyjas) till 25 November 2022 asking my followers what other flavours of Soy Pudding they would like to see in the future product. Some of the more unique flavours includes Pumpkin, Black Sesame, Banana and the more common ones are Matcha, Almond, Chocolate, Strawberry, etc. 

They also have a range of nutritious UNISOY products, such as Black Soy Milk, Soy Matcha, Soy Cereal Drink and more! 

For more information, please visit to enrich your life with soy goodness. 


Monday, November 14, 2022

[Food] Famous Kok Kee Wonton Noodle Launches Hor Fun Series Exclusively at Foch Road Outlet

 Famous for their springy noodles mixed in secret sauce, Kok Kee Wonton Noodle has been satisfying the cravings of wonton noodles to diners since 1985 and has won the hearts of many Singaporean, including my husband and I who are big fans of their Wonton Noodle. I can still recall back then when my husband was still riding a bike, he would brought me to Lavender Food Square (now permanently closed) just to eat this Wonton Noodle. It's so good that even before the stall is opened, people has already started taking queue numbers. Today, it has nine outlets island wide, making it more accessible for diners all over Singapore. 

New Hor Fun Series Menu. Exclusive to Foch Road Outlet Only.

A new Hor Fun Series Menu has been launched and is currently available only at their flagship outlet at 30 Foch Road to give diners more choices. Just like their wonton noodles, the Hor Fun dishes are prepared in the same way using handmade wontons, sweet savoury Char Siew, blanched vegetables and a generous amount of their secret sauce poured over the Dry Hor Fun. 

Glad to catch the founder, Hong Choy Ing cooking the wonton noodle in action!

I've not been back ever since the Lavender Food Square is closed and now without our own transport, it's not as convenient to travel for food like before. Glad to be back again after work today with my husband as we tried their silky smooth Hor Fun, we can feel a sense of familiar nostalgic memories. 

Wonton Hor Fun (Dry) - $5

We tried their Dry Wonton Hor Fun and it comes with a bowl of soup. I love how it's the silky and smooth hor fun is soaked in a generous amount of their special sauce so each bite is still as flavourful. 

Wonton Hor Fun (Soup) - $5

The soup version is sweet and tasty and is lighter on the palate. 

Crispy Fried Wonton - 11 pcs at $7

Great for sharing is this plate of Crispy Fried Wonton. It goes well with their special chilli sauce and the amount of meat fillings is just right. It's not those type where you can only taste the flour but not the meat. 

Dry and Soup Dumplings

Dry and soup dumplings with less carb is good for those who loves Kok Kee's wontons and just can't get enough of them. It comes with lots of green vegetables and even after we finished the hor fun, we are still able to finish this two bowls of dumplings! So good. 

Thumbs up with Hong Choy Chan, Hong Choy Ing and Shirley

Kok Kee Wonton Noodle has been acknowledged as "One of the Best Wonton Noodles in Singapore" by many. Do visit their Foch Road outlet to try this new Hor Fun Series. 

Thank you Kenny (@_boyz86) for sharing the invite! 

Kok Kee Wonton Noodle (Foch Road)

Address: Bistro 8, 30 Foch Rd, #01-02, Singapore 209276
Operating hours: 9am – 10pm daily

HASHTAGS: #kokkeewontonnoodle #kokkee


Friday, November 04, 2022

[Personal] On Leave Day + My Little Buddy Cafe - LINE FRIENDS x BT21 at Kumoya Orchard Central

My girl's childcare center had a one day closure for next year's planning so I took leave from work today to spend time with her and to run some personal errands. We went back to my office for lunch and also to get my laptop. This was probably her third time coming to my office cafe and she loves it here. The food here is super nice and I get to enjoy staff discount till end of the year. 

Love the food at my office cafe - The Good Boys 

I participated in Eu Yan Sang's #NoToPlasticWithEU Instagram Challenge to be their Eco-Ambassador and I received a complimentary limited-edition Peter Rabbit™ lunchbox set worth $39.90 but the collection had to be done at the Eu Yan Sang Centre which is located at Tai Seng. So we took a MRT down to Paya Lebar and changed to Circle Line to Tai Seng and from Tai Seng we walked a good 15 minutes down to their Centre.  

Eu Yan Sang Centre

So happy to finally see that we've arrived at the building because the weather was scorching hot that day. 

Rest and cool down ourselves while taking some photos inside. The reception area is quite big with a pantry behind. 

Gotten the limited-edition Peter Rabbit™ lunchbox from Eu Yan Sang. This stylish bamboo fibre lunch box is made from environmentally sustainable materials and is a better alternative to plastic lunch box. The lunch box lid and cutlery are made from solid bamboo and the lunch box base is made of 45% bamboo fibre, 30% corn powder, 5% wood fibre, 19.5% melamine and 0.5% resin. It is free from phthalates, BPA and other harmful chemicals. Things to note is that this lunch box is not suitable to use in microwave and oven and only the base is dishwasher safe. 

Next stop, we took a grab down to one of FedEx drop off location at Kaki Bukit Road, there's only two drop off locations in Singapore, one at 31 Kaki Bukit Road 3 #04-18/19, Techlink and the other would be at 1 Changi Business Park. Took a grab over as I did not wish to walk in the industrial area under the hot sun again. 

This girl is getting heavier. The parcel I was supposed to drop off was actually dated 2020 when I won a CircleDNA Premium DNA test kit and I was supposed to swap and return my DNA swap for them to analyze. Can't believe I kept this for almost 2 years before I finally get everything done. 

From Kaki Bukit, we took the bus journey to Bedok before taking a long bus 7 journey to Orchard Central. Had a dinner scheduled with my Primary school friend at 6.30pm at Kumoya. 

We reached about 5.30pm and since we were early, we went to look for some dessert to eat. Found this Ooze by Whiskdom selling cookies , brownies and ice-cream, regretted not adding some ice cream to our chunky cookies as this can be a little dry. 

I also went to the concierge area to get a power bank and cable for my iPhone battery is running low. Glad that they have this service where shoppers can loan the power bank with a deposit of $50 which is fully refundable when you return. I did brought my power bank out but forget to put in the cable. 

Kumoya is a character themed cafe at Orchard Central with rotating themes every now and then. The current theme now features LINE FRIENDS x BT21 : My Little Buddy Cafe. 

Mandatory photo at the entrance! 

We ordered the Line Friends Iced Chocolate $12.90 which comes with whipped cream, mini sprinkles and a My Little Buddy Line Friend Straw Insert. My friend had the RJ and Koya Apple Momo Iced Tea $13.90 which is a refreshing apple flavoured tea with the Koya and RJ cup sleeves. 

For our mains, we ordered the BT21 My Little Buddy Budae Jjigae $25.90. The ingredients are pre-set with kimchi soup broth which I find is quite diluted. My friend had the Sally and Choco Korean Chicken Stew $24.90 which is pretty cute with Sally turmeric Japanese rice face. 

For sides, my girl wanted the Cheese Cheolpan $9.90 and Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $12.90 as she is such a big cheese lovers. 

Had so much to catch up with my friend whom we meet like once in a year. From work to kids, thanks for sharing with me some tips and procedures on registering for Primary 1 which is something I have to go through next year. 

We got two complimentary brand new coaster to bring home I think it comes with the drinks we ordered and I bought a Line Sally for my girl because it represent her as a cartoon character. Overall, the food here is very pricey. Once you ordered one drink, you won't even think to order a second round. I would say pay for the cuteness and pay for the experience if you are a big fan of the theme. 

To avoid long waiting time, here's their reservation link and menu:

*Note: for online booking they requires a credit card to be put on reserve and stated that $40 will be deducted in case of no show. Once you've booked online, it's pretty hard to edit and change the date or time. I booked the day before and realised I booked the wrong timing so I had to make another booking instead. Went down to the shop to tell them to cancel the first booking so no charges is deducted through my card. Anyway, I used my Grab Card which might not have sufficient money for them to deduct. 


Thursday, May 19, 2022

[Event] Restaurant Asia 2022 & International Coffee & Tea Asia 2022

 With the borders opening up, so does the launch of mega physical MICE events. The 3rd edition of Restaurant Asia 2022 (RA 2022) and the 9th International Coffee & Tea Asia 2022 (ICTA 2022) which comprises of the 9th edition of Cafe Asia and the 8th edition of Sweets & Bakes Asia sees key business leaders and industry players from both local and international F&B scene turned up in full force during the official opening. Held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore Expo and Convention Centre, the three day event from 19 May to 21 May allows participants from the F&B scene to look for new opportunities and new markets especially in the areas of food ingredients, supply chain, operations, manpower, and innovation. 

(Official Media Photo) Guest-of-Honour, Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Trade and Industry, during the official opening 

Spanning across 5,000 sqm of gross exhibition area, a total of 115 brands and companies from more than 15 countries including Singapore are part of the exhibitors at this trade show. We got to meet some cool equipment vendors to understand what they have to offer. 

Check out this Next-Gen Ripple Maker II by ripples and Print & Digital Media. This machine can literally turns any foam-based drinks into a customized drink through printed designs, images and messages that can be personalized in real-time. 

Jessie and I did a live testing of the machine as we tried to print a selfie we took on the spot on the coffee and it works! In just a few seconds, our selfie was reflected on the machine for us to choose and within a few minutes, it's printed nicely on the cup of coffee for drinking. We were told that one of the Irish Bar at Millenia Walk used this machine to print on their beer. 

The different ripples pods for different colour printing. The Carrot (Red) one can print the highest up to 1,000 prints and the Glow (Lime) one is the latest available ripples pods. 

Next, we were introduced to the Compact Sushi Forming/Wrapping Machine from Suzumo. This 2-in-1 machine can helps to divide the rice and form it into the sushi rice ball shape before wrapping the sushi beautifully and keeping the sushi fresh. The machine also adopt the Easy-Open film which is a suitable wrapping sushi style for catering and take-out business. Just need to pull both sides of the film to enjoy the sushi (Patented).

Next, we came to my favourite section of the exhibition, the Hawker Street. With the support of the Frederation of Merchants Association Singapore (FMAS) and its Hawkers Division, this section showcase some of the different Hawkers. 

We tried some yummy meat skewers from Volk, which was recently awarded the Promising New Hawker Award. Their skewers bowl comes in four different form, with sushi rice, brown rice, salad or soba. Best part is it's located at Taman Jurong Food Centre which is near to my house. Gonna try eating there one of these days. 

A small crowd was forming around the next booth to try the local favourite, Carrot Cake from Tian Kee. They sells Carrot Cake, Hokkien Mee and Oyster Egg at their stall in Marine Parade Central. We took their name card and was told that this would entitle us a $1 off next time we eat at their physical stall. Tried a small portion of their white carrot cake that was cooked on the spot and it's delicious. comes with their homemade preserved radish which is more on the sweet side.

Next, I also tried some chicken toast made by a guest chef from Electrolux Professional who was using the kitchen in the morning from the Chicky Fun booth, what is so special for their chicken is that they used the Combi Over from TY Innovation's Technology Kitchen to fully bake their chicken. Chicky Fun has a few outlets around Singapore so can try them out next time.

Right next to the Hawker street is the Halal Street. Spotted my all time favourite muffins from AJ Delights and bought a box of 2 muffins even though I just did a group buy with them. Next year, we should be able to see more Halal offerings as a memorandum of Understanding was signed between CEMS and ER Marketing to form a Halal Pavillion in the Cafe Asia 2023 and RA 2023 Exhibitions

 At the official Korean Pavilion, we got to try some of their specialty products from the TREE TO BAR brand such as this chocolate. This white salami looking chocolate is actually Ecuador White Chocolate with Almond, Pistachio, Cranberry, Orange peel and Apricot and it taste really smooth and nice. Selling as a special price of just $10 instead of $15 at this exhibition.

Feeling thirsty, check out the DA-SH Sparkling water with 0% sugar and 0% calories that comes in 4 different flavours. If you are feeling adventurous, try the cucumber flavour. We each choose the peach flavour to bring home to try. There's also a photo wall for photo taking. 

We also tried some Organic Energy Drinks from DARK DOG. The DARK DOG trademark was created in Austria in 1995 and launched in 2000. DARK DOG is one of the best energy drinks and is distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide. High in Antioxidant and Vitamin C, DARK DOG organic energy drink has gone above and beyond to meet the ever-increasing demands of health-conscious consumers. The drinks contains the highest quality organic certified ingredients in every can from around the world. Some of the organic ingredients includes organic cane sugar in the original flavour, Organic Green Coffee Beans Extract, Organic Guarana, Organic Green Tea.

The last booth we visited was OAT-LY where the friendly staff treated us a cup of Oatmilk Coffee and ice-cream. I tried the Caramel flavoured Coffee while Jessie had the Hazelnut one. We both love our oatmilk flavoured coffee. The Oatmilk ice cream is so tasty too. We were lucky to be the first few to try it out as it's not out in the market yet. 

Some of the nice photos taken at the Oat-ly booth photo wall. 

Till the next year for Restaurant Asia 2023. 

For those interested to visit this exhibition, do register online at