Sunday, June 20, 2021

[PROMO CODE ALERT] #anywherewithGL - Trip to the Zoo featuring Gaston Luga CLÄSSIC BLACK Backpack

Do you know a bag can tells a lot about your personality? Beside your outfit, a bag is probably the next most important item that defines your style and carries your things. Being a practical person, a full-size backpack is always my top choice be it going out for outings or to work. The reason is simple, I just had too much things to bring out. I had to bring an umbrella just in case it rains, a water bottle just in case I felt thirsty, laptop for working, wallet, handphone and whatsoever. That's why I'm rarely out with a small bag unless it's just a trip to the supermarket downstairs.

Official Photo from Gaston Luga Website

I was so surprised when I was approached by Gaston Luga, producer of quality backpacks from Stockholm, Sweden for a collaboration. The truth is, I've been eyeing their backpacks for a while because they are so functionable and versatile. After accepting the collaboration came the tough decision, which backpack should I choose? There were many different series and each series comes with different set of colours. In the end, me being me, I went for the good old CLÄSSIC BLACK Backpack. Delivery was pretty fast, after my order was confirmed, I received my first Gaston Luga CLÄSSIC BLACK Backpack within a week, just in time for me to use it for our planned Zoo Trip on Father's Day today! 

The front, the inside and the back

Being a first time proud owner of a Gaston Luga backpack, I just had to do an unboxing video for it. Check out my unboxing video here on tik tok or instagram. Made of PU leather, which is a strong and durable canvas, I'm ready to go anywhere with my new backpack. It has an inner padded pocket that can holds most 11" - 13" laptops so I can also bring this to work. There's a hidden back pocket to put valuables and although there's no zip, it's deep enough to even put a passport. I'm also loving the Maroon Red inner lining that is in contrast with the black exterior. 

Here's my what is in my bag photo for this Zoo trip. The backpack was big enough to carry all my essential items and there's still room to put more. The coin pouch, keys and two handphones goes to the zippered front pocket for quick access while the rest inside to the main compartment. 

Off to The Tortoise Shelter. Hubby even inferred that me carrying my backpack is like a turtle carrying its shell. 

Love that My CLÄSSIC BLACK Backpack can goes well with majority of the outfit, even this patterned dress I'm wearing. 

My little photographer, she's so excited taking lots of photos of the animals at the zoo as this is her first time there.

Carrying the backpack in front helps to cover up my fat tummy when taking photos. Lol.

Looking at the animals up close and personal. 

We had an enjoyable day trip to the Zoo. Thanks to Gaston Luga backpack, I can carry everything in just one bag and still looks good. 

SUMMER CAMPAIGN from 28th May to 20th Aug 2021

For those who are interested to get a Gaston Luga backpack, there's an ongoing campaign now where you can get a free journey patterned tote bag with the purchase of every backpack and the best part is, by quoting my unique discount code <chewyjas15>, you will be entitled to a 15% discount! Free delivery and returns worldwide for items purchased within 30 days ! That's a pretty good deal! 


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

[Explore SG] Food Folks @ Lau Pa Sat

Somewhere in November last year, FairPrice Group opened Food Folks @ Lau Pa Sat, this new opening brought along another type of vibrancy and life to Lau Pa Sat as many of the stalls in Lau Pa Sat has closed down after the lockdown was lifted. 

Limited Lau Pa Sat Kopitiam Card given out by Food Folks upon spending of minimum $20 at Food Folks during one of the campaign they had last December

During that period, there were lots of 1-for-1 promotions going on to attract the CBD lunch time crowd back as not many people is aware of this new opening. Even for me, I first get to know about the opening of Food Folks due to the Soup Spoon 1-for-1 promotion that my friend sent me.

1-for-1 Soups from The Soup Spoon

Dinner from The Soup Spoon

The Soup Spoon here only accept the use of Kopitiam card but not the Soup Spoon Membership card. I takeaway back the soup for my family for dinner. 

Lunch from Shi Hui Yuan

Beside 1-for-1 promotion, there were also lots of opening special deal from the other stalls. For Shi Hui Yuan, their Braised Chicken Drumstick Hor Fun with Plant Based Giant Wanton cost $6.80 instead of the usual $7.70. I tried it and I quite like it but if I were to pay the usual price, I would felt that it's a bit too pricey. 

Back then, Cream and Cone was also having the 1-for-1 promotion and I really wanted to try their ice cream. So I sent to my friend HL and waited till it was her back-to-office week before we met up for lunch as well as this sweet treat. I had the Pulut Hitam ice cream with Bandung waffle cone while she had the Mango Passionfruit ice cream with Milo Waffle Cone. Nice and refreshing. 

Food Folks was opened with a locally-focused concept, beside F&B establishments, they also retails local products. In fact, over 70% of over 120 retail brands available at Food Folks are actually home-grown and many of the F&B stalls are actively managed by local food entrepreneurs and founders. I managed to replenish my snack corners with some interesting snacks. 

Among the snacks I bought was this interesting local brand called Fossa Chocolate. This Lychee Dragon Fruit contains 75% Dark Chocolate and contains big chunks of dried chewy lychee and dragon fruit inside. Even Meow Meow, the adorable Food Folks Mascot approves this nutrients-filled delicious treat which one could chomp it down without feeling guilty at all. It's also vegan and gluten-free. This flavour is an exclusive collaboration between Food Folks and homegrown artisan chocolate maker Fossa Chocolate thus it can only be bought here.  

Food Folks Directory
Image Source:

Currently, Food Folks is having an ongoing promotion till end July. Simply use PROMO CODE <FOODFOLKSSG> or show my IG Post here to the retail store vendors to enjoy 20% off non-promotional retail products. Stay safe everyone and don't forget to adhere to the safety guidelines at all times! 


Friday, April 30, 2021

[Informative] A compilation of referral codes

Referral is always a win-win situation and thus I will dedicate this post purely on a compilation of referral codes in alphabetical order that I have. Feel free to use them if you need to or share with your friends. 

Foodline - Singapore's biggest catering and tingkat portal

Cake from Mirana Cake House ordered via FoodLine for my Mom's Birthday this year

I've been using this portal when I need to order for catering/tingkat and even cakes recently. It's really like a one stop portal with lots of selections and I'm able to filter according to cuisine/budget/whether it's halal or vegetarian, etc. Use this link to register and both of us will get free 500 FL Points which can be used to offset the cost. Currently, 100 FL Poinfts is equivalent to $1.

Google Pay - Digital Wallet Platform and Online Payment System

My friend Jane referred me to Google Pay back when they only tie up with OCBC banks and at that time they were giving away $5 referral fee for every successful referrals. Google Pay is the only payment system that rewards you with cashback. I've got cashbacks ranging from $0.11 to as high as $1.17. It's supported by PayNow QR function too. Join me on Google Pay and you'll earn $3 when you opt in to Google Pay offers and rewards and make your first payment (min $10)! Terms apply. Download the app and use my referral code vf7he6y to get started. Click on this link to get started

Grid Mobile - No contract mobile plan that rewards monthly

I've been a loyal subscriber to a certain telecom company since I was in Secondary school, but after so many years, I did not see any improvement in terms of their connection and the rewards system. Every year, my points were all forfeited as I was paying the lowest price plan while the minimum points required to redeem something is too high for me. I only remembered winning a pair of Faye Wong concert tickets from them many years ago. The only reason why I chose them last time was for the free outgoing call to 3 people who are also the subscribers of the same telecom but since then, all 3 of them had changed subscribers and people are going for more data to use for whatsapp calls instead. When my hubby called in to their customer service, they also don't seems to put in any effort to salvage the situation or to retain us. Thus, we've slowly switched out from them including my home broadband. I chanced upon Grid Mobile while scrolling on facebook and I thought why not give it a try? Signed up somewhere in November last year and have been their users since. They rewarded me with 50 points every month and 250 points* (Limited time, after that is 50 points/referral) for referral and for my upcoming birthday, I will get 200 point. I just hit my first 1000 points which allows me to get a $10 rebate to my next bill. So I only have to pay $7.90 next month. Points can only be used to offset the bill or to get cashback. Connectivity wise is much better since they tap on the SingTel network. I also felt more keen to do referring so I can earn more points. Use this link to register and both of us can get 250 points for the first 3 months. The only disadvantage is they do not have a hotline to call. For any queries, you will have to email them during weekdays but trust me, so far they replied within an hour so it's not that bad. In fact, it's better then waiting on the line. I've also requested them to give me a call back before which they also did. Overall, quite a value for money plan. 

iTask - Do it, or get it done

Once in a while, I would need to arrange for courier to collect or send things. Found out that iTask delivery starts from just $4.50 for a standard delivery of parcel less than 5kg. So far I've used their service twice and I like that it was quite fuss free and easy to use. Here's my referral code JASMI73449 that will allows you to get $3 off for your first booking using iTask Delivery. That means, you can send your parcel below 5kg islandwide with a shocking price down to $1.50! Download the app using this link and check out this guide on how to use my referral code. I will get $3 off my next delivery too. 

Senoko Energy Singapore - Electricity Retailer 

Somewhere in April 2018, households and businesses in Jurong with postal codes starting with 60 - 64 were allowed to choose to buy electricity from a retailer under the soft launch of Open Electricity Market. My house was eligible and we did the switch to Senoko during a roadshow held at Westgate in August that year. There were more than 10 different retailers and we eventually chose Senoko Energy with a price plan that best suits our needs. Use my referral code "W9QMBIXH" and earn a referral rebate on your electricity bill when you sign up with Senoko Energy. They also have some monthly smart rewards like $10 GrabFood Voucher limited to redeem but I always missed out on the redemption part as the account is not under my name. I've just renewed another two years with them and I'm currently on the LifePower24 plan at 17.66cents/kWg compared to SP tariff that is hovering around 22.55cents/kWh. Switching over from SP Service is quite easy, just need to register for an account, upload the latest electricity bill and follow the rest of the steps as instructed. I believe they still holds one of the lowest rate now for their two years plan. Browse their price plans and start saving now at 

Shopee Singapore - Buy Everything on Shopee

I bought my kids essential items like milk powder or diapers in bulk during the Shopee sales. They have sales like every 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, etc so it's not hard to miss the sales date. If you have not been shopping online using Shopee, you are definitely missing out some good deals. Here's my referral code CHEWY346 to get $10.00 off your first purchase! Download Shopee now and enjoy hot deals at the best prices!

Singtel Dash - All-in-one Mobile Wallet

Singtel Dash is a all-in-one mobile wallet for payments and other lifestyle needs while enable user to earn Dash reward points. Basically, this app is open to everyone so you do not need to be a Singtel mobile service provider to use this. I've been using Singtel Dash as my transportation card so I do not need to find a machine to top up the Ez link card. Actually, I've stopped using EZ Link card for a long time. This App is able to remit money overseas too. Join Singtel Dash today and get rewarded for every dollar spent! Sign up with my referral code DASH-H7VKI or tap on this link now. 


Saturday, April 17, 2021

[Informative] Recycling Initiatives in Singapore that I support

There are a few causes that I'm quite supportive of and one of which is building a sustainable future for Singapore. This is something I am more conscious of in my everyday life. The simplest reason being, no matter what is your status, how rich or how poor you are, we all co-exist on the same planet Earth.  

In this post, I will be sharing some of the recycling initiatives in Singapore that I actively participate in and is also something that I felt most of us can commit to. 

1. L'OCCITANE en Provence - Big Little Things

While many beauty shops has their own recycling program, L'OCCITANE Big Little Things recycling program which started on 1st April 2020 is the only one so far that accept full-sized beauty empties, from ANY brand! Do take note, however that only three outlets - ION Orchard, Plaza Singapura and Vivo City is capable to accept these beauty empties. 

Be sure to clean the inside thoroughly and dry them before bringing the empty bottles down. The staff do inspect every single bottles. I managed to accumulate 10 empty bottles before March this year and redeemed a Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel. Visit this link for more information.

2. STEP UP SUSTAINABILITY APP (IG: @alba_singapore)

We've seen these blue recycle bins in our neighborhood but do you know you can also earn CO2 points when you recycle your items in the blue recycle bin? Simply download the Step-Up Sustainability app,  use this app through three simple steps - scan the QR code found on the blue recycle bin, snap a photo of the items you are throwing into the bin and collect CO2 points. Then use the points collected to redeem vouchers and prizes! 

In the past, when I lived with my grandparents, there will always be a stack of newspapers at one corner waiting for the Karung Guni (rag-and-bone) uncle to collect them from our doorstep. Now, we have to bring them to allocated cash-for-trash point. Glad that recently, my estate also had a cash-for-trash point so I can conveniently just bring a trolley down with my recyclable items.  

3. susGain App (IG: @susgain_singapore)

Another sustainability lifestyle app that rewards users with monthly challenges. I took part in the March challenge in which I visited the Sustainable Singapore Gallery for the first time and earned some points. I also updated the app with a water cooler station in Star vista that was not found in the app. With that, I won myself an EPIC Eco Tritan Water Bottle for being one of the winners. For their Cash-for Trash stations, it is a tie-up with Sembcorp but their recycling points are much further so I usually just go to the one nearer to me.

4. RecycleNSave - Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs)

Reverse Vending Machines has been around for at least one year. Previously, one can only earn NTUC rebates, now there's more reward choices such as CapitaStar points which I often select.  

 5. Carousell 

Carousell is one of the platforms that allows me to sell/trade unwanted things in my house. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Have been using this app since 7 years ago and recently I've started to post items for trade with criteria being to trade with me for something I will use. Interestingly, I received a packet of tissue, a pack of disposable masks and an unopened tissue box. At least, these are really the items that I will use.  

6. DBS/POSB Banks

I'm not sure why but I've got stacks of red packets here and there around my house which I can randomly find even months after Chinese New Year. I'm glad that this year DBS/POSB banks has red packets recycling boxes in their full-service branches throughout the year and not just during the Chinese New Year period. 

7. Daily Habits 

This is not so much of a recycling initiative but how our daily habits can plays a part too. First of which, we can start by using eco-friendly products, bring a recyclable bag for grocery shopping, sort out your trash and don't contaminate those items that can be recycled. These are some simple actions that we can do, aside that I must admit I do still use single time plastic like straws for that bubble tea, disposable diapers, disposable masks which brings a lot of convenience.  

I guess we are still pretty far behind in this area but every little bit of action helps. Together, let's work towards building a sustainable Singapore for our future generations. 

P.S. This post is done and published in conjunction to Earth Day which falls on the 22 April 2021. 


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

[FOOD] CRAVE launches seasonal Thai-Inspired Nasi Lemak and Bubble Milk Tea

 With over 30+ outlets in Singapore, CRAVE is well known for their famous Adam Road nasi lemak by Selera Rasa and famous Amoy Street teh tarik from Rafee's Corner. Given the current situation that travelling is still pretty much restricted, CRAVE launches seasonal Thai-inspired dishes and drinks under the "Taste of Thailand" menu so that we Singaporean can satisfy our cravings to savour the delicious cuisine of Thailand. 

Official Image:

"Thailand is one of my favourite holiday destinations. When we were brainstorming ideas for new products, Thai food came into our mind as both cuisines share some similarities in terms of flavours. We are very excited  to combine our local favourite fare nasi lemak with popular Thai street food dishes, so that customers can enjoy the best of both worlds at one go," said Abdul Malik. 

Long basmati grains are used and prepared using Abdul Malik Bin Hassan's (owner of Selera Rasa) family recipe that has been passed down over generations to create piping hot bowls of fragrant coconut rice. 

The three main Nasi Lemak dishes found in this new menu are: 

Nasi Lemak with Basil Chicken (from S$7.50) 
Thai basil chicken is a famous street food in the country, a simple yet heavenly combination of the fragrant Thai basil and tender chicken. Served with a sunny-side-up egg, CRAVE's rendition pays tribute to this classic dish, with the ground chicken stir-fried with a generous amount of basil leaf and chili padi. 

Nasi Lemak with Thai Green Curry Chicken (from S$7.90)
Another quintessential Thai dish is the green curry chicken. CRAVE uses a medley of herbs and spices, including green chilies, belachan, lemongrass, parsley, kaffir lime leaves, cumin, coriander, shallots and garlic, to achieve the curry's signature savoury and sweet punch. 

Nasi Lemak with Stewed Beef Curry (from S$9.90)
Beef lovers will relish the flavours of this comforting dish. Beef cubes are stewed for hours in a pot along with chili powder, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, curry and turmeric powder, to name a few ingredients. Each sip of the curry hits the right spot of spicy, savoury and sweet! 

During the lunch-time tasting session held at the Guoco Tower B2 outlet, we tried the Nasi Lemak with Basil Chicken as well as the Nasi Lemak with Thai Green Curry Chicken. My favourite has got to be the Nasi Lemak with Thai Green Curry Chicken. The spicy level is just nice for me, in fact it would be even better if they could add a bit more of the curry sauce. We also had their signature sides, fried bergedil and chicken wing. Thumbs up! 

Just as important to Thailand's food scene will be the Thai Milk Tea. Under this new menu will be the Pearly Thai Milk Tea (S$4) which is made with authentic Thai black tea leaves and a blend of sweetened condensed as well as evaporated milk. They also served Pearly Bandung which is really sweet. I love the chewy pearls inside. 

CRAVE's Taste of Thailand menu will be available in-store across all outlets for a limited period of time. From 24th March to 6th April 2021, it will be exclusively on foodpanda for delivery and from 7th April 2021 onwards, it will be available on various delivery platforms. 

Thanks Kenny @_boyz86 for jio-ing me to this lunch time tasting knowing that I'm a big CRAVE's Nasi Lemak lover. 


Thursday, February 04, 2021

[Food] Delicious Japanese Pork Fair - Imakatsu + Yakiniku Heijoen

Delicious Japanese Pork Fair campaign was launch on 1st February by Delicious Japan SG. Under this campaign, 6 participating restaurants will each have their own special campaign menu for 1 particular dish that uses only premium Japanese Pork from Hokkaido, Kumamoto and Kagoshima. Diners get to enjoy this dish at a special price just by completing a simple survey online by scanning a QR code found at the restaurant. I've made it to 2 of the participating restaurants on two different days with my friends and I must say I'm super impressed with the quality and taste of the pork. 


One of the special features of Japanese Pork is that the production and taste is unique to their own producer and region. With strict quality control, Japan is able to produce over 1.26 million tons of safe and high-quality pork every year making Japanese Pork one of Japan's world-class flavours and quality food.

Imakatsu - Guoco Tower
Kurobuta Pork Katsu Set (130g) ($20, U.P. $30)

Had my dinner here with Kenny and Ck on the first day of the campaign, as it was dinner time, there's not much of a crowd in the CBD area. I love how tender and juicy the Pork Katsu is. The fresh bowl of salad is also super addictive especially after mixing in the sesame sauce. 

Yakiniku Heijoen - 100AM Mall
Hokkaido PORK Don Set (Belly) ($9.90++, U.P. $15.90++)

Came here for a mid-week lunch with Ck. The Hokkaido Pork was thinly sliced and comes in a generous serving. I really must gives a two thumbs up to the service here. We were served a glass of cold water when we arrived and a cup of hot green tea when we finished our meal. This is despite we only ordered this special set and didn't even ordered any drinks. They served us the drinks without any extra charges! Was really a very pleasant surprise, I guess I will be back again soon. Thank you so much!

Do note that this campaign ends on different dates for each restaurant and there is also a limited serving daily for the promotion dish per day. It is advisable to call up the restaurant before hand to check with them first before going down.  

For more information about this campaign, please visit