Thursday, May 02, 2024

[Personal] Working at JustCo Coworking and Office Space at The Metropolis

 As I'm staying in the West region, I face a long travelling time to my workplace as my offices has always been quite far away from home. Recently, I came across JustCo coworking and office space that has over 20 locations across Singapore, with most of them situated in prime areas. I opted for the Metropolis Tower 1 location, which is conveniently accessible via Buona Vista MRT Exit D, making my daily commute much more efficient, saving about 20 minutes at least in travelling time.  

Day 1 - 29 April 2024

It's a Monday and I will only be staying here for half a day so I picked this workspace and I had the whole table and seat to myself. Didn't explore the area much as I was busy with work but I'm loving this space which is close to the window. 

Day 2 - 30 April 2024

Checking out the various food options at The Metropolis. 

Glad to be back. 

Yet to explore the second floor. 

I picked this big open concept table as my workspace. Came with lots of charging points and USB ports for charging. I actually forgot to bring my phone cable, luckily the staff at the counter is able to lend me one. Appreciate that staff are generally pretty helpful here. 

Snacks, Tiong Hoe Coffee and tea from Clipper Tea are replenished throughout the day at the pantry area. 

Mugs are available for use so I do not need to bring or wash my own. 

Meryl was my lunch buddy as her office is at Tower 2. We walked to Star Vista and had Pontian Wanton Mee and since it was the National Bubble Tea Day, Liho was having a 1-for-1 promotion. Great to share this deal with Meryl. I also bought some bread for breakfast from Four Leaves. Lunch time well spent. 

Day 3 - 2 May 2024

Had McDonald downstairs for breakfast with hubby. 

Explored the second level today. 

 Beside hot desks and common work area, there are also several meeting rooms for use depending on your membership subscription plan.

Back to my favourite working spot. Somehow, I prefer this spot that is near to the pantry area more. Get reminded to hydrate and drink more water. 

Almost lunch time so I went downstairs to the sitting area. 

I had a $10 voucher expiring soon, so we went to Otter Pizza at The Rochester Mall to have our lunch. Food was yummy and there was no other customers around during the time we visited so we sort of have the whole place to ourselves. 

Starbucks to cool ourselves down from the super hot weather.

Helped myself to the snacks and tea during tea-break time. 

For my job, I can basically work anywhere as long as there's a laptop and WIFI. One main advantage is the prime locations making it easier for me to pick my girl too as this location is just 5 bus stops away from my girl's school. The workspace also offers modern and spacious facilities with free flow of beverages and snacks. Do note printing is chargeable but scanning is complimentary. 

The one biggest disadvantage is that I had to bring my laptop around everywhere. If I'm heading to the office, I do not need to bring my laptop along since the office laptop is locked in the drawer. 

Promotion: Simply quote #worksforyou when you make an enquiry about JustCo hot desk membership to receive an additional 1 week complimentary access. Monthly hot desk membership fees start from $265. Usual Terms apply. 


Thursday, February 08, 2024

[Experience] Lock in Love This Valentine’s Day with Museum of Ice Cream , MOIC

The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) Singapore is the perfect pink place to celebrate sweet relationships this upcoming Valentine's Day, be it between couples, families or friends. If you are one who loves unlimited ice-cream treats and fun interactive experiences, this is the place you should visit.

Limited offers and cool promotions from 14th till 18th of February 2024

Lock in Love with Perfect Pairings

For a limited time only, scoop up this exclusive Valentine's experience bundle at $22 (U.P. $39), which includes an exclusive Love Sundae and Sprinkle Bowl, two sweet Gift Shop items and a pretty heart lock to pledge your lovely wishes inside the museum, modelled after the famous Perisian Lock Bridge. 

Start your special day in a pink fantasy playscape full of free-flow ice-cream and be prepared to bond with your sweet companion with spontaneous activities that test your knowledge of each other.

Make Valentine's Day extra Sweet with Treats and Gifts

To top off the scrumptious treats and adorable gifts that await, couples get to enjoy 50% off the second concoction of love at Scream's Diner and MOIC's Dessert Bar along with a 50% discount to their second item at MOIC's gift shop (discount on the lower priced item). 

Here we are at the MOIC's Pet-friendly Cafe and Dessert Bar where a dog run path is just next to the place below. This dessert bar is opened to public so even if you do not have a ticket to the Museum of Ice-Cream, you can enter and had a relaxing time here too. I was here enjoying the breeze while waiting for Meryl and Joe to reach and enter the Museum of Ice Cream together. 

Exploring the Museum of Ice-Cream, MOIC

Locking up our heartfelt wishes

The first thing we did when we entered was to come up with our own ice-cream name and wrote it down on a piece of sticker. Mine was Choc-a-Mallow because I love chocolate and marshmallow ice cream. This room is where I get my cotton candy, played claw machine but didn't catch anything (we had to get the tokens from the next room). Here is also where we penned down our wishes and locked them up on the wall. 

Welcome to California - Ice Cream Stop #1

We had our first scoop of ice-cream by Denzy Gelato. The options were Double Chocolate or Pink Guava (Vegan) and I had the Double Chocolate. Fun Fact: Americans eat twice as much ice cream as the average person around the world and California specifically tops the chart for ice cream consumption. 

Composing and leaving a message behind

We spent quite some time here as it's a room where we can compose and create our own messages on the wall. While many had left some interesting messages, I just left my online @ behind.

Welcome to Scream's Diner - Ice Cream Stop #2

We enjoyed a creamy soft serve ice cream in a crispy waffle cone topped with rainbow sprinkles (optional). This is also the stop to order drinks as they serve an exclusive menu of milkshakes, cocktails, coffee, tea and other concoctions. 

Took a break from eating ice-cream to take some photos instead.

Welcome to The Potong Palace - Ice Cream Stop #3

Tried the mini Potong Ice Cream presented by Kind Kones, we had the two different flavours each - Pandan and Pulut Hitam and both are vegan. Fun Fact: Meaning 'cut' in Malay, potong refers to the way this treat is prepared! It all started during the past when refrigerators grew in everyday use and desserts like sweet corn or red bean soup were freeze to preserve them. The frozen blocks were then cut into single servings and consumed during hot days.  

Welcome to Playspace - Ice Cream Stop #4

Many of us had fond memories of afternoons spent at playgrounds and the having melted ice cream between sticky fingers. In this room, we discovered the joy with the nostalgic ice cream sandwiches in either cookies and cream or pineapple coconut (vegan) flavours. The three of us all chose cookies and cream. Instead of the iconic dragon playground, here is Singapore's first and only unicorn playground. 

Banana Tunnel for some selfies and wefies

Love the photos taken in this tunnel! Fun Fact: Not all bananas are created equal. Apple, Cavendish or Gros Michel bananas are best used for banana splits and other desserts as they are generally sweeter and creamier, while other varieties are typically used for cooked banana desserts like goreng pisang (banana fritters)!

Welcome to Craft Room - Ice Cream Stop #5

Here is where we get our last ice cream treat and we are having scoops of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. There's tables and chairs where we could sit down and slowly enjoy our ice cream. We also took this chance to fold out the ice cream truck. 

Make a Splash at MOIC Sprinkle Pool

We took a dive and many boomerangs and photos in this giant sprinkle pool. Fun Fact: The creation of Sprinkle Pool was inspired by the founder, Maryellis Bunn, who dreamed of swimming in an ocean filled with sprinkles. 

Overall, the Museum of Ice Cream offers a fun and unique experience with various ice cream tasting throughout. I'm glad to have Meryl and Joe joining me this round. Many thanks for capturing so many nice and cool photos and videos together. We spent about 2 hours inside and do remember to visit the washroom before entering as their only washrooms are in the lobby. It's a one-way experience which means we should only move forward to the next room and no backtracking allowed. Photos in this blogpost are not inclusive of certain experience rooms as some I only have videos. Do visit and enjoy the full experience yourself. 

Ticketing and More Information

Be sure to create heartfelt memories with those close to the heart this Valentine's Day at MOIC from the 14th till 18th of February with tickets starting from $41, which includes free-flow ice cream throughout your experience. Tickets can be purchased at 

For more information, do visit, or follow @museumoficecreamsg and #moicsg on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for the latest updates. To sign up for the MOIC newsletter for exclusive promotions and exciting updates, please visit   

100 Lowen Road
Singapore 248837

Opening Hours: 
Monday & Wednesday: 10am - 6pm (Last timeslot at 4pm)
Thursday to Sunday: 10am - 9pm (Last timeslot at 7pm) 
Closed on Tuesday

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