Wednesday, December 25, 2019

[Personal] Celebrating Christmas at Pororo Park Singapore

This Christmas, I decided to make it a spacial one with my girl as we visited Pororo Park Singapore for the very first time. We had sort of visited most of the indoor playgrounds in Singapore and Pororo Park Singapore was one of which we had not yet explored. Thanks to Huggies for the complimentary one adult and one kid ticket which allowed us into the park for a 2 hour session.

We reached there about 11.45am and it was already crowded due to the holiday season. Upon entering, we headed straight to queue for the first session of the Pororo Christmas Musical happening at 12pm at the Tong Tong's Little Theatre. It was like an auditorium and kids could sit on the floor in front for a closer encounter to the stage. We were so excited when Pororo and his friend came out and Pororo was even dressed in his Santa suit. They sang and danced to a few Christmas carols and my girl was grooving to the beat to songs like Jungle Bells.

After the musical, we joined another queue outside as Santa Pororo was giving out Christmas presents to the first 100 kids. It was really good to receive a present from Santa Pororo however, we were not able to take a photo with him. It was a take and go kind of session to minimize the waiting time for the rest of the kids. We managed to sneak a few wefie which turned out to be blur.

 We went to explore the rest of the Pororo Park Singapore and these were the different sections inside.

Shark Ball Pool

My girl had a fun time "swimming" inside the shark ball pool filled with lots of blue and white balls. There was a big shark in the middle of the shark ball pool where kids could try to aim and throw the balls into its mouth and the balls would drop out from its stomach. My girl was amused by this but she was slightly too short to reach in and so with my help, we both tried to see how many balls we could feed the shark.

Pororo House

This was my girl's favourite place. Inside Pororo house, the lights were dimmed and there were colourful moving spotlights.  She loved this area so much that she literally treated it like her own house and was telling other kids, "no, you go and play the balls outside" as she wanted to hog the place. Oops. It was really amusing to see her behaved like that. She also started dancing and pretended to sleep on Pororo's bed.

Outside Pororo House, there was a small interactive corner where we could see ourselves on the TV screen.

Loopy's Cafe

We wanted to stay on for the daily carolling with bubble party and found out that I could extend my stay if I purchased at least $15 worth of food at the Loopy's cafe. Since we did not had lunch, I decided why not and I got ourselves a Mac and Cheese with fries and cookie to share. The mac and cheese was creamy and cheesy, just the way my girl and I loved it.

Tong Tong's Little Theatre

After lunch, we went back to the theatre for the carolling with bubble party. It was pretty fun especially now my girl had overcame her fear of bubbles. All the kids seemed to go crazy and wanted to catch the bubbles. My girl, being one of the youngest there demanded me to carry her high up so that she could join in the fun to catch the bubbles too.

Hinoki Pit

 This sensory play area was filled with aromatic Hinoki wood that came all the way from South Korea which was safe for kids of all ages. There were a few toys and digging toy cars to play with. We didn't really like this area as I didn't like the feeling of stepping on the Hinoki wood.

Petty's Supermarket 

This was another play area which my girl enjoyed as she could pretend to shop and buy her favourite fruits and vegetables to whip up a meal for me.

Toddler Area

At the toddler area, she played with the soft gym like slide and rocking horse.

Poby's Play Gym

At the Poby's Play Gym, my girl had the chance to exercise her flexibility by climbing and sliding. I had a hard time chasing after her.

Pororo Express Train 

During specific timing, the Pororo Express train would start operating. It would go two rounds before the kids alight. Only the kids were allowed on the train and initially my girl was unwilling to leave me and got down the train. After much persuasion, she happily rode on the train and waved to me when the train passed by! Instilling some form of independence here as well.

Finally, since I've not bought any Christmas present for my girl, I decided to get it from the Rody's Toystore. I got a set of Tayo bus for her as this was her current favourite show on YouTube and I topped up to arrange for a Private Gifting Session by Santa Pororo! There's nothing more special than receiving a present from Santa Pororo in private and we finally got a chance to take a closed up photo with Santa Pororo. My girl was asked to closed her eyes and walked into the theatre to open her eyes and see Santa Pororo with her gift. Just look at the smile on her face and I know it was worth it. Definitely setting a high standard here for her future boyfriends. Haha.

I must say we spent a very memorable 4 hours+ inside Pororo Park Singapore which I hoped my girl would remember next time. The park was very clean overall and the food was delicious too. Definitely worth spending the time inside. As the theme park is based on a famous character like Pororo, kids would enjoy as the character comes to live and appearing before them. This is really something very exciting for them to look forward to.

We definitely hoped to be back again! 

Pororo Park Singapore

6 Raffles Boulevard,
Marina Square
Singapore 039594


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

[Event] Celebration of CROQUANT CHOU ZAKUZAKU Opening in Singapore

Croquant Chou Zakuzaku, the sister brand of Hokkaido's popular BAKE Cheese Tart has finally arrived in Singapore and its flagship store will replace the former BAKE Cheese Tart outlet in Ion Orchard on 30th November 2019.

To celebration this launch, two preview sessions were held at The Canvas Club for the media as well as the loyal supporters of BAKE Cheese Tart. I am so glad to be able to attend the media session in the afternoon with CK Chai and Jessie. Many thanks to Kenny for extending the invite. I am a big fan of BAKE Cheese Tart and I remembered joining the never ending queue during the initial craze to get my hands on those cheese tarts so I am super excited to find out more about this new snack that will be hitting our shore.

"We are very honoured to be able to open a flagship store in Singapore. We have been eyeing to open the store for a long time in a trendy location, and have finally been able to do so in ION Orchard. We hope that Croquant Chou Zakuzaku can become a brand that is loved by Singaporeans who are interested in high quality sweets and dessert items" -- Mr Hajime Kikuchi (Director)

After the introduction, we were each given a cup with one of their famous Croquant Chou and limited edition ZAKUZAKU Jingle Berry (filled with strawberry custard cream and topped with white chocolate and freeze dried framboise), just for the Christmas season to try. It was love at first bite for me as I'm a sweet tooth person.

The best part came when we got to DIY our own Croquant Chou with the toppings available. 

The outer layer of the famous Croquant Chou is made of a blend of flour and almonds coated with sugar and egg white, while its custard cream filling is made from fine milk. Basically, it is a stick-type of cream puff that has a unique crunchy texture with fresh cream oozing out. So convenient that one can enjoy it on the move while shopping. This is also in line with the company's brand tagline "All the good stuff in one hand" which expresses how everyone can enjoy high quality & freshly made ZAKUZAKU, all in one hand!

Apart from the renowned Croquant Chou (retail at $2.80 and $10.50 for a set of 4), the store will also offer Soft Serve ice cream, "ZAKUZAKU SOFT" (retail at $6 regardless cup or cone), made purely with Hokkaido Milk and coated with croquant chunks and also "HIYAZAKU" (retail for $3.80), crispy puff containing soft ice-cream. With the promises to carry on the Japanese brand philosophy by offering only the best quality baked snacks, consumers can be sure to enjoy freshly baked Croquant Chou. Even the cream is filled on the spot and consumers will be able to witness the entire process of making the Croquant Chou. 


ION Orchard Mall
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 23880

Operating Hours:
10am to 10pm, daily


Thursday, November 21, 2019

[SINGAPORE] EC House Launches EC Style Premium & LA Kids Cowboy - the First Family Cut & Style Concept Store

As a mother with a toddler girl, I am constantly searching for places from restaurants to shopping malls that are kid friendly so that I can bring my girl along. Recently, I found out about this joint collaboration between EC Style PREMIUM and LA Kids Cowboy that is the first in Singapore to offer the concept of a Parent-Child Haircut and Styling services.

Official Photo of the Store Front
Launch by EC House, customer visiting this outlet will be able to enjoy the services from both EC Style Premium and LA Kids Cowboy under one roof. It is also the first EC Style PREMIUM store to feature professional hair styling services, on top of the brand's renowned quick and fuss-free haircut services.

LED Display showcasing some of the gentleman's haircut style
Their new quality amenities and queue system also enhanced the efficiency for a haircut. Well-known for their bespoke gentleman's haircut services, LA Kids Cowboy offers the same sharp, edgy fashionable haircut and styling services for the kids.

Rena and me having a fun balloon fight! 
To be honest, my girl had never visited a proper hair salon since birth and I had been the one cutting her hair. I didn't really have the courage to bring her to a proper one as I'm afraid she would kick a big fuss. Even my hubby's hair was cut by me. Thus, I think it's time for all of us to get a proper haircut by the professionals hair stylish.

Rena is feeling curious about this new place
We started off with Rena at the left side of the outlet which was the LA Kids Cowboy. The friendly staff there first put my girl up on the booster seat and tried to lure her with the iPad, toys, lollipops, everything that kids would love. Initially, my girl was quite calm and I'm hopeful that she would remain this way throughout. However, the moment the hairstylist touched her hair, she wailed out loud.

Both of us covered in this super cute and colourful hairdressing cape that shield our clothings from the fallen hair
Next, they suggested that I carried her on my lap so that she would feel more assured. Just when I thought that this haircut session for my girl would be a disaster, one of the hairstylist, Chris thought of a way to distract her and that was to ask her questions and to get her to repeat after her. Although my girl was still crying, she did managed to get her first ever haircut done! Thank you to all the staffs there for being so patient, I'm so glad my girl got her first hair cut done here. It's super memorable. A pity we didn't took a video of the whole process. The funny part was when Rena saw herself in the mirror, she kept saying, “这个不一样。” (this looks different) 🤣

Official photo of how they style the girls hair
 Oh ya, they also provide girls with a hair makeover with complimentary hair-tying services and simple hair accessories! I can't wait for my girl to be big enough to doll up her hair!

My before and after comparison

Next was my turn to get my hair cut as I moved to the right side to EC Style PREMIUM. The hairstylist for me was Max and he did a great job in cutting a bob hairstyle for me! I didn't realized my hair looked so messy and ugly from the back. This was because I did not trimmed my hair regularly enough. The last I cut my hair was months ago. I felt so much fresher and neater with the new hair cut. I looked younger with the new hairstyle too.

Getting herself all wet and I didn't brought another set of clothings for changing

While I was having my haircut, my hubby took our girl out to the outdoor playground which was conveniently located just next to the hair salon outside the door. They sure had a lots of bonding time and getting all wet at the water features there.

Left view / Back view / Right view

Lastly, my hubby also got his hair cut by Max. It was overall a very pleasant haircut service for us.

S$15 NETT Price

The haircut and styling services cost only $15 nett for both children and adults regardless of your hair length or whatsoever. I felt that this was super worth it given that it's really a hard work trying to cut the kids hair. This place would definitely be the place I want to get my family's haircut done in future.

Happy and satisfied us after our hair cut! 

Highly recommended place to visit for a fuss free and fun family haircut and hair styling services at a great value price. Do note that they do not provide washing nor booking services. Just have to walk in and any of their hairstylist available will be able to cut for either the adults or kids.

Check them out for your next family hair cut session

EC Style PREMIUM X LA Kids Cowboy

1 Harbourfront Walk
 Vivo City
Singapore 098585

Operating Hours: 
11.00am - 9.00pm daily

EC House

LA Barbershop


Monday, November 11, 2019

[FOOD] Little Sheep Hotpot Opens Second Outlet at Orchard Gateway 小肥羊火锅餐厅在 乌节路开第二间分行

No Signboard Holdings Ltd. opened the second outlet of Little Sheep Hotpot restaurant in Singapore, at the basement of Orchard Gateway with a seating capacity of 110 diners on 11 November 2019. Their first outlet was officially opened at One Fullerton, check out my previous blog post here for the write up.

Commenting on the opening of the 2nd Little Sheep Hotpot outlet in Orchard Gateway, Mr Sam Lim (林荣森), Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of No Signboard said, "We are excited about the opening of our second outlet. After the launch of our first outlet at One Fullerton near the iconic Merlion statue, we have decided to setup the second outlet in a prime location at Orchard Gateway to capture a healthy balance of local and tourist footfall. We would like to thank our business partners and our valued customers for their ongoing support in our Little Sheep Hotpot restaurants. Singapore continues to be a major market for our Group, and we will continue to explore other opportunities both locally and regionally to expand our business." 

Hotpot is something I can't resist and the main essences of a hotpot is none other than the broth base and meat which Little Sheep Hotpot can totally meet the standard and satisfy my taste bud. The combination of this delicious broth base with the mutton from the Inner Mongolian grasslands is perfect.

We were served with the dual flavour pot consisting of the signature soup and the spicy mala soup to cater for the different preference in this big group setting. The signature soup is made up of 36 different spices such as the goji berries, star anise and ginseng while the mala soup is bound to give you an additive spicy kick from the chilli oil and peppercorn. With such flavourful soup, one doesn't really need to go for the dipping sauce.

30 seconds is all it takes to cook the thinly sliced lamb meat in the hot soup. The lamb meat is extremely tender and juicy so even for me who don't usually eat lamb meat, I can actually accept the lamb meat here as it doesn't really have the gamey taste.

A flatlay photo where most of the food is already in the soup. We were too hungry to wait for all the dishes to be served.

 The rest of the dishes served.

Spotted the Little Sheep Hotpot Mascot from far! He came dancing in to the 'Kungfu Fighting' song. Super cute!

I actually had a hard time finding the restaurant when I was at Basement 1. Turned out, I had to go up to level 1, look for either Lovisa or Swatch and take the escalator down from there. This escalator would bring you straight to The Little Sheep Hotpot restaurant which was quite isolated from the rest of the shops at basement 1. Many thanks to Jessie for guiding me as I was really lost.

Congratulation to the 2nd outlet opening! To sum it up, Little Sheep Hotpot is one of the better alternatives to the hotpot scenes in Singapore as well as a great place to get your supper cravings fixed in Orchard. They open until 4am daily!  Head down to The Little Sheep Hotpot for a pot of rich broth as well as a plate of superb meat!

Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

6881 9959

Operating Hours:
Daily from 11am to 4am