Wednesday, September 16, 2015


This is the story of a mouse. 
A red Logitech® M337 Bluetooth® Mouse to be exact.
It lets you create on virtually any computing device, whenever and wherever you choose. 
Its programmable navigation button puts smart control into the palm of your hand.
It allows you to switch between applications, change between desktops, do frequent actions such as dragging-and-dropping of files and images, replicate the three-finger swipe gesture that brings up mission control on a Mac computer or bring up Task View on Windows 10.
Its laser-grade optical sensor tracks with precision on most surfaces.

It's portable, has a curved shape, a tilt wheel and textured rubber grips that provide lasting comfort, and it can keep going for up to 10 months on just one AA battery. *Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.

Sidetrack to my story, I recently bought for myself this red Lenovo laptop and a iPad Mini at the Comex with the thought that if I don't invest and treat myself better now, who would? No one owes you anything, if someone choose to help you, it's a privilege and not their duty and they can stop anytime.

With my new purchase, I can happily surf net and do my blog on my bed. The only issue I had was to use the touch pad on the laptop for navigation. The touch pad is so sensitive that sometimes as I was typing, my palm just accidentally rest on the touch pad and my typing would be shifted to another line.

So I went to search inside one of my treasure box and I found an old wired mouse (Brand removed). This is what I have been using before I get my hands on the Logitech® M337 Bluetooth® Mouse. It's usable but after a few weeks the rubber protection came off and the wire was exposed outside which is rather unsightly.

I was so happy to be given the opportunity to write a review on the Logitech® M337 Bluetooth® Mouse. One of the best features that I like most about the Logitech® M337 Bluetooth® Mouse is the Bluetooth Wireless technology. Connecting the mouse to my laptop is a really an easy process. Unlike Wireless mouse which usually comes with a receiver that you need to plug into one of your USB port, a Bluetooth mouse does not requires that. Thus, keeping a USB port free for other uses.

I also downloaded the Logitech Options Software whereby I can customize the mouse to enhance my user experience. One such function was to swap the left/right button. The mouse is compatible on the following platforms: Windows 7, 8, and 10, Mac OS X 10.8 or later, Chrome OS and Android 3.2 or later.

The Logitech® M337 Bluetooth® Mouse comes in three colour: Black, Blue and Red. Obviously I choose the red one to match my laptop. Love this photos of how the dazzling crystal lights in the SICC ballroom was reflected on my laptop. Love having meetings held outside. Super pretty. Weighing at 82g, it has a dimensions of (L x W x H) 100.5 mm x 61.1 mm x 33mm.

Retailing at $49.00, this is one mouse that I would be most happy to get my hands on.



Anonymous said...

I used to own a bluetooth mouse.. the reason i went for a bluetooth was that my laptop only had 2 USB ports and I need to use both of those for my external drive.

One of the issue I had with the bluetooth mouse is that it gets disconnected frequently and I could only re-enable it by going through the whole motion of finding the bluetooth mouse and re-pairing it.

Did you have such problems with this mouse?


chewy JaS said...

Hey , I do not have such a problem with this current bluetooth mouse . Could it be because the battery u used for ur mouse is not strong enough ?

Anonymous said...

that's good to know you didn't have this problem.. i will get this mouse then.

i think my problem is because it wasn't a branded mouse. It uses 2 AA cells and the batteries is drained within 1 month.

How many batteries does your logitech mouse uses and how long does it last with normal use?

chewy JaS said...

Ok , my Logitech bluetooth mouse only requires one AA battery and can be used for few months.