Thursday, September 01, 2016


7Active is Singapore's first boutique Indoor Cycling Gym. Targeted at those who want to participate in a fast group-based class without the frills in exchange for lower prices, they are committed to conduct energy-driven classes with certified trainers to everyone who loves to exercise and keep fit.

I started the month of September by joining one of their indoor cycling workout with Jessie and that's when I had my first 7Cycle Road experience at their POP-UP studio which is temporarily located at AXA Tower from now till 28th October 2016.

There are basically 4 different type of workouts available for booking at the Pop-Up Studio.

7Cycle Signature is suitable for all fitness levels that will develop one's endurance and fitness on the bike as it features a short high-rep, light weight workout for the arms and shoulders. 

7Cycle Road which is the class we went to is a little more physically challenging than the Signature Ride. With more steady road style efforts like time trails, hill climbs and longer continuous threshold flats, be prepared to burn more fats and get breathless.

7Cycle Bootcamp is a powerful on-off bike strength and conditioning class. Be prepared for a series of body weight, plyometric and functional training exercises that will brings you out of your comfort zone.

7Cycle Bootcamp - Core + Strength is a 35 minutes high intensity interval training  (HIIT) combining with body weight, plyometric and functional training exercises coupled with energy-fat incinerating core exercise.

On every bike is a towel, bottle of mineral water and this red monitor that helps to track our performance. Watts refers to how much energy that was given out. Accompanying our road workout is some great uplifting music and I'm really thankful we've got a friendly yet tough instructor Louise to guide us on the bike functions as well as when to turn up the resistance level.

All started great at first but it really gets pretty challenging when the resistance level is up and we have to pedal harder and faster. Certain parts, we are not allowed to rest on the seat and have to rely on the strength of our arm as we stood up to pedal. That is the most tiring part for me. At the end of this intensive work out, my two legs became jelly state and I had wobbled my ways up and down the stairs. It's even tougher compared to the normal cycling.

If you love exercising but hates being in the outdoors or simply wish to put your stamina to the test, do check  7Active out at their website.

Main Studio
19 Anamalai Avenue #01-01
Singapore 279987

Pop-Up Studio (till 28th Oct 2016)
8 Shenton Way
AXA Tower #01-22
Singapore 068811


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