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Thai Horror Movie : The Swimmers 游魂惹鬼 ฝากไว้…ในกายเธอ

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I love watching Thai horror movie. They usually have plots that are scary yet funny and engaging at the same time. The moment I saw omy.sg running a contest for a pair of tickets to The Swimmers, I joined immediately and was one of the winners. Glad to find out that Jessie's a big fan of Thai horror movie too and she was equally excited to watch this movie. So that makes her the perfect companion for horror movies!


Directed by Sophon Sakdapisit who is also the director of Coming Soon ad Laddaland, above is a video of the trailer.


Thanapob Leeluttanakajorn as Tan
Supassara Thanachart as Ice
Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol as Perth

Check out the guys' well-defined abs! *_*


The movie centers around a love triangle relationship between Perth, Tan and Ice. Perth and Tan are close buddy and also rival in the swimming competition. Tan and Ice is an item but Perth falls in love with Ice and the story unfolds after the scene showed Ice dead body being found at the bottom of the school's drained diving pool, with the smashed pool tiles being replaced by slightly darker blue tiles, indicating where the corpse landed.

The movie toggles between the present to the weeks before Ice's dead body was found. Tan, who is determined to nail down the culprit who caused Ice's death got Perth to help in the investigation without knowing that the real culprit is actually Perth.

Perth feeling guilty starting to encounter a series of haunting events. One of which is when his stomach grows bigger and bigger until his teammate commented that his six packs become one pack. He believes that he is pregnant and tried to do a lot of silly thing like doing the scanning of his own stomach, poking open his stomach, going back to where he buried the dead fetus, etc. Turned out, it's just a illness he got for eating too much raw eggs.

Anyway, the ending is quite of a twist. The one we expected to die is alive and even won the swimming competition. I guess, the one who's still alive will never have a day of peace as he will forever be haunted.


The scary scenes in this movie are actually not a lot and most of the time they ended up like false alarm, for example, how we thought it would be the ghost of Ice but it's just a broom, etc. The movie is more towards bringing out the message of having safe teen sex. There's the disturbing scene of Ice getting an abortion by pills and the dead fetus was expel out of her body. This part was really gross. Next we saw Perth covering the dead fetus with his jacket and smashed it. This part is scarier than the ghost appearing.   

Interesting Facts

- The shooting of this movie took 18 hours a day and a total of 28 days.

- This is the first time GTH film an underwater movie.

- The shooting was done somewhere around January and February of 2013 in Bangkok. During this period, the city reached its lowest temperature in 10 years.

- The filming usually take place during night time from 6pm to 6am.

- One of the actress, Mint played by Violette Wautier is actually a contestant from The Voice Thailand season two.

Remember this, "Underwater, no one can hear you scream."

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