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Number 1 authentic Japanese Onsen & Spa in Southeast Asia, Yunomori Onsen & Spa opens in Singapore, spanning a total area of more than 16,000 sqft in Kallang Wave Mall! I had the opportunity to try soaking in an authentic Japanese Onsen many years back when I was in Hokkaido and I am so excited to learn that this wonderful and unique onsen experience can now be found in Singapore too! 

Thanks Jessie for bringing me along for their Grand Opening tour. Before we even stepped in to the reception area, we first need to lock our shoes at the lockers provided. I love the feeling of being barefooted, it's as if I'm at home! 

Now we can officially start the tour of Singapore's very first authentic Japanese onsen with the biggest variety of baths. The interior design of Yunomori features a great elements of wood and natural materials to recreate a sense of nature feeling.

"We are excited to introduce the authentic Japanese onsen experience in Singapore, allowing customers to enjoy the health and beauty benefits of soaking in an onsen without having to travel all the way to Japan." Said Mr Yuya Egawa, General Manager of Yunomori Onsen & Spa (Singapore)


The onsen area in Yunomori is separated into men and women with the women entering on the left and the men to the right. Sorry to say that there is no couple onsen but there is couple room for massages. A total of 11 pools, 6 different pools for men and 5 different pools for the women, each providing a relaxing and therapeutic experience as well as unique health and beauty benefits is available. Today, we were being brought into the male onsen area. 

A big towel and small towel, together with a disposable undergarment is provided. Take note that only the small towel is allowed into the onsen. 

Wearing the Yukata the correct way as demonstrated by the friendly staff. We can wear this and roam around the resting and cafe area to take photos before or after your onsen.

A total of 246 lockets are available complimentary for use to all the guests here. This is to keep our big towel and other belongings.

The dressing area. To dry your hair and do your vanity business after the onsen.

Individual shower before entering the onsen.

An overview of the male onsen area. I can't wait to soak my weariness away in these therapeutic pools of water.


SILK BATH (TEMP 38.5 - 39.5)

The silky hot water reacts with large amounts of micro-bubble containing hydrogen. These jets of tiny bubbles give the water a sensual and silky texture. The soothing nature of the bath helps to relax the muscles and alleviates problems such as rheumatic, arthritic aches and pains and mental stress. Enjoy the spa treatment and nourish body tissues, tighten the skin and improve skin elasticity.

SODA BATH (TEMP 38.5 - 39.5)

Yunomori's Soda Bath is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Featuring technology imported directly from Japan, the water is enriched with a high concentration of natural carbon dioxide, thus the name Soda bath. Soaking in this CO2-rich water can increase blood oxygen levels, improve circulation, reduce high blood pressure and also detoxify the blood.

BUBBLE BATH (TEMP 38.5 - 39.5)

The Bubble Bath is imbued with the nutrients of carefully balanced minerals. Its arranged temperature and a layer of foam provide a holistic and rejuvenating experience.

JET BATH (TEMP 38.5 - 41)

Let the Jet Bath take away your everyday stress. The full-body jet streams of air can help stimulate blood circulation. 

*Only available at the Men Onsen*

Try the Hot Bath at 41 to 44 Degree Celsius to help relief joints and muscular tension as well as detoxify the body.

COLD BATH (TEMP 17 - 19)

End your onsen experience with the Cold Bath after soaking in those hot baths for a while. The cold water will stimulate the body's natural energy and nerve endings. It can also boost anti-ageing effects by closing the pores and tightening the skin. 

Sauna and Steam Room are located inside the onsen area. Feel free to enter after your onsen.

SAUNA (TEMP 95 - 100) 
*Only available at the Men Onsen*

The dry heat sauna rises to 95 to 100 Degree Celsius to help encourage sweating for ultimate purification. The heat opens up the pores and cleanses the skin.

STEAM ROOM (TEMP 43 - 49) 

At 100% humidity, the steam room's wet heat opens up the pores and detoxifies the skin and body. It helps to rejuvenate the skin, improves blood circulation, and relax the body and mind.


By combining the onsen therapy and Thai spa treatments, one can experience total relaxation and rejuvenation. With the natural healing properties of mineral water and benefits of spa treatments, this place cater to the health needs of everyone from athletes to elderly folks.

A variety of spa treatments to choose from. Please make your booking earlier for the spa treatments as it can be fully booked if you are a walk-in customer. 

1. Thai Traditional Massage (starts from $88+ for 60 mins)
2. Aroma Oil Massage (starts from $138+ for 90 mins)
3. Herbal Compress (Add-on, $38+ for 30 mins)
4. Foot Massage (starts from $38+ for 30 mins)
5. Head & Shoulder Massage (starts from $38+ for 30 mins)


Finally, it's time to have some food to eat. At the cafe area, guests get to enjoy delectable local and Japanese food & snacks. Nutritious beverages, refreshing and traditional Japanese desserts, and light savoury bites are all freshly made on the premises.

 Their menu and a preview of how a Japanese meal set looks like.

Complimentary Wi-Fi available within the cafe & relaxing lounge area. There is also luggage concierge service. 

Yunomori's Onsen Entrance fee is prices affordably at S$28+ (Children & Seniors) and S$38+ (Adults), which gives customers access to the onsen facilities for the entire day to try out the different variation of baths. Customers can also add-on massage and spa treatments from the Spa Menu available. Below is the price listing.

- Onsen Entrance Fee: 

a. Adult - $38 ($40.66 with GST)
b. 15 year-old & below OR 65 year-old & above - $28 ($29.96 with GST)

- Onsen & Spa Pacakges: 

a. Onsen + 60 mins Thai Massage - $118 ($126.26 with GST)
b. Onsen + 90 mins Thai Massage & Herbal Compress - $156 ($166.92 with GST)
c. Onsen + 90 mins Aroma Oil Massage - $168 ($179.76 with GST)
d. Onsen + 120 mins Aroma Oil Massage & Herbal Compress - $206 ($220.42 with GST)
e. Onsen + 30 mins Foot Massage - $68 ($72.76 with GST)
f. Onsen + 30 mins Head & Shoulder Massage - $68 ($72.76 with GST)

Stay tuned to my review post to be up soon.

Yunomori Onsen & Spa
Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628

*Take escalator near the exit of Fairprice; Carpark B Area 3/4*

Contact number: 6386 4126 / 6385 7985

Opening Hours: 10.00am - 11.00pm Daily

For more information about Yunomori Onsen & Spa, please visit their website at or follow their Facebook page for updates at


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