Saturday, October 24, 2015

[BEAUTY] Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Tea Party

I was introduced to this brand called BULGARIAN ROSE KARLOVO when I went to their blogger's signature tea party on the 10th of October and I have been using some of their products for a week. They smell so good, even my mum noticed that I'm applying something different and asked me what I'm using so that she could try them too!

These are the top selling products from Bulgarian Rose Karlovo that we were given to try out. Thank you for the generosity. Received a Rose Joghurt Washing Gel For Face from the Gentle Care Cosmetic Series, ROSE Q10 Revitalizing face cream from the Cosmetic Series and Lady's Joy Hair Care Liquid Disperse Crystals. All the products from Bulgarian Rose Karlovo are 100% natural and 100% free from preservatives

Before I share more information about the products, let me do a throwback to the Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Tea Party that we went to. It was held at the Muffet's Room Cafe located at Icon Village, Tanjong Pagar. 

Upon entering, what greeted us is this whole range of products from Bulgarian Rose Karlovo that is suitable for use from the head to the toe. The whole cafe was filled with the sweet scent of roses too.

A video was shown which brought us to the Bulgarian Rose factory in the valley of Karlovo, a traditional province area with an old man overseeing the roses. We watched how the products were being manufactured. As the ingredients used is mainly roses, they need to be handmade, because once machine is used to process the roses, they will be damaged. The period of harvesting is usually between May to June and another good thing about their products is that no animal testing is involved. 

The Bulgarian Rose factory was founded in 1948 on the basis of distilleries for processing essential-oil raw material. It was only until the 1960s that the production process in the factory became seasonal and involves the production of essential oils - rose, lavender and mint, as well as concretes - rose and lavender, and absolutes - rose and lavender. 

It has been supplying raw materials to various international companies for cosmetic purchases. In 2000, Bulgarian Rose Karlovo finally produce their own cosmetic line.

I was intrigued by the Peeling Soup cum Sponge from the Rose Cosmetic Series. Made with natural rose oil, it's a two-in-one kind of thing and I've never seen anything like this before.

Ms Aries from Skin Society presenting and sharing with us in details some of their signature products and we also had the chance to try them out. 

This is the Bulgarian Rose Signature made from 100% natural rose water obtained by distillation the flowers of the oil-bearing Rosa Damascena P.Mill. The rose water is a natural tonic. It's so pure and natural that once open, you will have to store it in the fridge, otherwise after six months it will smell badly. It's said to even cure back acnes and can be spray on the scalp to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. When used on the skin, it allows the skin to retain its beautiful and youthful appearance, compensate the increasing collagen deficit, smooth out the telltale signs of age and keep the skin moisturized and fresh.

The Bulgarian Rose Signature - Serum for Face is mild and gentle and suitable for use even for sensitive skin. Even the unique packaging box is handmade.

The Rose Exfoliating Facial Mask is made of natural rose water, natural rose oil, Alpha-hydroxy acids, jojoba ester and D-panthenol. It has tiny beads that gently removes dead skin cells and cleanses face from impurities without drying. Skin feels smooth and fresh after using.

From the Rose Joghurt Cosmetic Series, we tried the Rose Joghurt Body Butter. This body butter comes with a rich composition of natural oils and vitamins which helps to nourish skin and provide protections from the daily harmful impact of the environment. Ideal for dry to normal skin, it is absorbed quickly and gives skin the smooth and soft feel.

For those who are into aromatherapy, they have this beautiful gift sets too which is so ideal for gifting.

Thank you for the invitation as well as the yummy food that keeps our tummy full while we tried out the different products. Time to review the products that I've received.

Lady's Joy Hair Care Liquid Disperse Crystals helps to nourish and strengthen the hair and provide protection from the UV damage and humidity effects. It also helps to conditions hair to prevent split ends from happening. 

Application is easy, just apply one to two pumps onto hand and lightly comb through dry hair. Do not rinse. 

One amazing effect is that it helps to make your hair colour more striking. As seen on the demonstration done by Ms Aries, the colour of the left side of her hair stands out more as compared to the right side.

Rose Joghurt Washing Gel For Face is so gentle that it's suitable for everyday cleansing use. It contains natural rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt, olive oil and soya protein. It helps to remove light make-up and impurities effectively. It can also restores water balance in the epidermis and provides a comfortable feeling of perfect purity after use.

ROSE Q10 Revitalizing face cream contains rose water that nourish skin and keeps it hydrated. Regular usage keeps skin soft and elastic.

These products ensure that my hair and skin is well taken care of. I'm really glad to be able to try experience the effect of natural roses. Thank you! 

For more information, please visit Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Facebook Page or Skin Society Page if you would like to make a purchase online. Currently, they are only retailing at Sasa Clementi and OG outlets. Hoping to branch out to more stores soon.


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