Sunday, December 11, 2022

[Media Drop] DayLee Old School Hawker Ice Cream Christmas Gift Set

I remember back when I was still a little kid, I would get so excited when I hear the familiar ice cream uncle ringing his bell at the carpark for that would meant ice cream time for me! Sadly, this unique tradition is almost gone. 

Glad to be introduced to DayLee, an ice cream and snacks wholesaler which aims to continue Singapore's heritage through local snacks and treats. Beside old school ice cream, they also sell traditional snacks like ice gem biscuit, flying fish biscuit and more. They offer a wide range of gifting options such as customized goodie bags for children parties and for Christmas, they had curated a Christmas gift set box! 

Each Christmas gift set comes with ice cream blocks (up to 2 flavours of your choice), 1 loaf of rainbow bread, 1 pack of wafer biscuit, an instruction sheet and a Christmas greeting card. I chose Salted Caramel Brownie and Chocolate Chip as my two ice cream block flavours out of the 16 available hawker ice cream flavours.

So glad to be able to enjoy old school ice cream at the comfort of home. My brother had the ice cream with rainbow bread, while I prefer mine sandwiched between two wafer biscuit and my little girl had hers in a cup topped with mini M&Ms that I brough over. 

Big thanks to my bro and his wife for hosting us at their house. They just got themselves a smokeless BBQ grill set and we were there to try it out. After dinner, we also played with the popular AI Manga filter on Tik Tok. Had so much fun.   

Check out DayLee on Shopee -, I'm already thinking to get the customized goodie bags for my girl's birthday celebration in school next year! 


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