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Director: Andy Goddard
Writers: Susan Boyd (Screenplay) and Patricia Highsmith (Novel: The Blunderer)
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Jessica Biel, Vincent Kartheiser, Haley Bennett, Eddie Marsan
Genre: Drama | Thriller

Walter Stackhouse, a successful architect in the day and a novelist at night is married to the beautiful but paranoid and depressed Clara. They seems to lead a perfect life from the outside but in fact the endless quarrels and suspicious Clara has drove Walter into a deep imagination of murdering her.

"What's the difference between wishing someone dead and actually doing something about it?" -- Walter Stackhouse

When he read about the news of an unsolved brutal murder of the wife of Kimmel, he is certain that the murderer is Kimmel and his fascination of killing Clara grew stronger. In fact, Walter admired Kimmel so much that he try to do his own research on him and try to get to know him by visiting him in the shop. It's as if he felt that there's finally another guy whom he can relates to with the same situation.

After Clara was found dead in a suspicious circumstances, Walter strings of lies and guilty conscious seems enough to prove that he have got something to hide. The cop came up with his own theory and is very certain that both Kimmel and Walter are murderers of their own wives.

The movie ends with Kimmel who actually really did killed his wife panics and later found shot dead in a dark basement. However, we were not told of whether Walter is the real murderer and whether the cop does continue investigating him. The real ending was left for the audience to decide.

Overall, the old setting of New York in the 1960s is rather authentic but the abrupt ending just left me hanging there wondering what had just happened. It's a movie where the main characters are all a bit crazy in the mind and there's not much of a thrill factor.

Complimentary passes won from Sinema's giveaway contest. Prize courtesy of Shaw Organization. 

There's only one time slot for this movie showing at Shaw Lido and that is 2:10 pm in the afternoon. Glad to be able to find Tabby who is free to watch it with me.  

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