Monday, February 20, 2017

[MOVIE] Preview Screening of A DOG'S PURPOSE

Based on the novel of the same title written by W. Bruce Cameron is a light-hearted and adorable movie directed by Lasse Hallstrom. This movie is about a dog trying to figure out his purpose in life over the course of four reincarnations as four different dog breeds while keeping all the memories of his previous existence. Shared from the dog's perspective, we were shown the life of the dog from birth to death except for the last life where the dog reunites with his original owner again. 

In the first life, the dog is a Golden Retriever called Bailey being rescued by young boy called Ethan and his mother. Bailey accompanied Ethan through his childhood and teenage days, seeing Ethan through happy periods like playing together, falling in love and through sad moments like how his parents got separated, his home got destroyed by fire, his legs got injured and his breaking-up with his first love. He went through all these with Ethan till he died of old age. 

Bailey reincarnated into a female German Shepherd K-9 called Ellie and works together as a team with a police officer called Carlos. She died after being shot during a kidnapping rescue operation. Before she died, she managed to save the kidnapped girl from drowning.

Next, Ellie reincarnated as a Pembroke Welsh Corgi called Tino. Tino has a very close relationship with Maya, a college student and sort of helped his lonely owner and himself find true loves. Tino led one of his best lives before dying of old age.

Lastly, Tino reincarnated to a Saint Bernard called Buddy. He was taken in by a couple but was being neglected and abandoned. After which, Buddy managed to find his way to where he stayed in his first life and find his first owner, Ethan who has already become a middle-aged man. Buddy helps Ethan to reconnect with his first love, Hannah and they ended up happily married. The last scene shows how Buddy managed to convince Ethan that he was actually Bailey with a trick that only the both of them knew. 

Although I'm not a pet owner but the movie left me tearing at one point and laughing most of the time. The different lives show different stories of how the dog was being treated by their owner and how they find their purpose and remain as a loyal companion, true to how they were referred to as 'a man's best friend'. 

Preview tickets thanks to +CF Chai for bringing me along.

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