Friday, July 22, 2016

[PERFORMANCE] SHAOLIN 少林功夫 at MasterCard Theatres, MBS

SHAOLIN is a performance that showcase the traditional Chinese martial art and physical fighting skills. The spirit of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu was displayed in this show that was combined with choreography, dramatic lighting and sound.

Hailing from the fabled Shaolin temple in the foothills of the Song Shang mountain range in China's Henan province, these 20-member cast of Shaolin Monks performed some incredible feats, demonstrating their authentic martial arts expertise.

Shaolin Kung Fu is among one of the oldest style of Chinese martial art and we all know the Shaolin Temple is home to some of the best martial arts experts in the world. This performance depicts the history and story of the Shaolin Monks, how some of them disguise themselves as farmers and secretly learning kung fu. We also witness the process of their rigorous martial arts training and Buddhist Meditation. Through training and meditation, they are able to perform feats of physical endurance, expressing a state of inner peace.

The smooth movement of Chi Gong combined with Tai Chi and the use of weapons such as spears, whips, sticks and fans were demonstrated.

The young displaying their moves.

These were some of the breathtaking moments. Watched how they are lifted on sharpened spears, breaking bricks with their heads, smashing concrete blocks while being sandwiched between bed of nails and knives.

 I am amazed at how the stunts were done without them getting hurt or injured in any way but the whole performance somehow falls short of my expectation. Perhaps it's the cold narration, or that we are not seated in the first few rows thus wasn't able to fully get into the whole atmosphere.

 Nevertheless, I would still like to express a big thanks to Shu Qing for bringing me along to this 2 hours of spectacular Shaolin performance!


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