Friday, July 22, 2016

[EVENT] Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2016

The Singapore International Jewelry Expo (SIJE) is back again this year with more than US$150 million in exhibits by 200 exhibitors from 25 countries over the world, making this the region's largest consumer jewelry show. This year, SIJE 2016 celebrates the love of jewelry, stunning gemstones that make a statement - 'beauty inside out' and the beautiful women of substance who adorn these stunning creations.

SIJE 2016 opened its doors at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre to the public from 21st July to 24th July 2016 and I went down on Friday evening. So yes, let me share some of the intriguing and beautiful pieces I saw there. 

Simone Jewels is a Singapore based brand and has been around for 10 years. They specialized in coloured gem stones and they are inspired by leaves, floral, etc. 

Just imagine wearing one of these.

A double ring in which the carriage is movable and can slide across. This is under the One Thousand and One Tale - Jasmine Kingdom series.

A super beautiful necklace charm that doubles up as a ring. Thank you Janice for sharing and be my hand model.

Famosi Singapore, established since 1984 in Valenza, Italy. Each of their jewelry is a unique piece and is like a piece of art work.

Exquisite pieces. Look at those tiny details inspired by the nature.

It started off from a basket of flowers.

And we have this, a bracelet of insects, birds, animals, fruits and flowers. We had a fun time spotting the number of frogs in this bracelet as well as identifying the different fruits. Really interesting.

One series is more items spotted in a garden while the other is more on items you can find at a seaside. 

Caratell is the last booth I went to due to time constrain and is also my favourite booth. I had a really long sharing session with Ms Achillea, a Senior Design Consultant there. When she share on the stories behind each unique pieces, I can totally feel her passion in this industry.

This beautiful necklace was inspired by the water lily and is to portray the cause and effect of life with the ripple in the middle and coloured sapphire as the droplet below. 

This piece which is just created, hot from the oven was inspired by the Spanish Dancer/Sea Slugs and it represent the marine life. Try google a sea slug and you will understand the pattern of this piece.

This red beryl ring is made up of the top 10 rarest stone or known as bixbite. This is not for sale as it's her own collection and she has been searching for this for about 20 years and found it at Utah. Guess not many miners are mining this stone now as the chance of finding it is so low.  

Another rare piece is this scallop pearl. It will takes about 30,000 scallop to find one of this pearl. 

Pink ring flourish under light. 

This amazing piece is a 2-in-1, from a ring, it can expand to be a bangle with an adjustable size!! I just watched in awe as the lady demonstrated the whole process. This design has been patented too meaning you can only find it at Caratell.

Some of the pieces are inspired by the architecture. This ring is a miniature of Singapore's Garden by the Bay - Flower Dome. 

This ring is known as the Star Sapphire. Ms Achillea shared that usually, they would come out with the design based on the stones itself and they have kept this stone for 5 years before deciding to make it into a galaxy ring.

Literally wearing a gift box on your finger. The gift tag on the box can be carved with your name. Quite interesting gift to give.

Ms Achillea also shared how they would personally traveled down to mining places to look at the stones and ensure the quality. Thus, there is no need for a middle person. Thank you for also giving me this book of Caratell Jewellery Collection which has so many beautiful pictures of the jewellery. If I ever get very rich next time, I would definitely want to own one of the pieces from Caratell. 

When I exit from the exhibition, I spotted this cute Italian Doll Necklace that cost $150 each. This is one of the special buys, limited pieces that cost below $1,000.

Lastly, a selfie to end this post. Jewelry is the one little thing that has the power to make you feel unique. Thank you for the invitation and also for all the nice stories behind the jewelry pieces. I learn how to appreciate those pieces other than from the face value. 


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