Friday, April 22, 2016

[EXHIBITION] Affordable Art Fair Spring Edition - AAFter Glow Evening

Get #ArtHappy at the Affordable Art Fair, F1 Pit Building
This Affordable Art Fair kicks off their seventh year in Singapore and being their third Spring edition, they have this #ArtHappy campaign to make things a little more fun. I happened to win a pair of tickets to their Affordable Art Fair After Glow Evening and when I do the redemption, I was given the choice to select up to 6 tickets so I did that and brought 5 other friends along.

The first art installation "Room of Mind" by Iqi Qoror from Indonesia
We were treated to a free pink Popsicle from Ice Cream Momolato right before we enter the gallery. The first art installation that greeted us at level 2 is this big red mess of what I thought is a giant rock and two pair of legs underneath.

Later, I did some research and found out that the artist, Iqi is trying to portray how we humans often automatically jump from one state of mind to another based on our external situation and conditions. He believes our mind has lots of thinking and plans get wasted, just like a crumpled mess of paper that goes straight to the bin. Through this artwork, Iqi thinks that we need to rest out mind, so we can be more aware of our thoughts and actions, otherwise our brain will self-destruct. 

Egg spotted from The Great Egg-Venture 2016
Four eggs have been specially selected to be showcased in the fair which reflected a range of different artistic ideas. This just looks like a bigger version of the full months red eggs which gave me an idea, maybe next time we can draw some special designs on those full months red eggs and sell them as a set?


 Artworks are priced between $100 and $10,000 with the aim to make art as fun, accessible and affordable to the mass market as possible.

Tape Art by Max Zorn
Artwork created from brown packing tape
Often referred to as "tape artist", I was amazed by the live demonstration of how Max Zorn uses ordinary brown packing tape as his medium and a surgeon's scalpel as a brush instead of the usual paint and paintbrush. Art comes in different form and this is one really unique idea to create art pieces.

The only framing service found there
Spent the most of my time at The Frame Society with Derrick as the friendly lady was sharing with us stories of the artworks exhibited with their frame. They provide complimentary consultation at home or in their gallery at Holland Village. (Contact Alex Mytton-Mills or Emilia Lee at 6466 1147)

Beautiful artwork by Christian Develter. Notice how the women's faces all have lines on them? What inspired him to draw the lines on the women's face is actually by the real Chin people living at the border of China and Myanmar. The lines on the women's faces are used to identify which tribe they actually belongs to. Lines were tattooed on the girls faces the moment they reaches puberty age.

The real life photos.

An augmented reality performance called "You Know JS". YOU KNOW JS was first performed in KULTER, Amsterdam in Oct 2015 and then at SingaPlural Festival in March 2016. For this live performance, we have to use an iPhone app to view and interact with the live performance. We only get to know there's an app for this after the performance was over.

Realistic 3D artwork. The fishes were all painted on.

Reminds me of a friend's pet at home.

Different faces.

So nice to look at.

Sculptures :)

Ending my post with this pretty and colourful heart. Would be very nice to display it at home. These artworks are so beautiful, each with their own stories to tell. I'm not good at drawing and acting, so for now, I shall just stick back to doing my colouring project. 


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