Wednesday, December 23, 2015

[Review] ASUS ZenFone Selfie (ZD884KL)

Few months back, I attended the ASUS ZenFestival 2015 at Chijmes and shared on the availability of the ASUS ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL) in Singapore. In this post, I'm going to share more about the user experience as I got a review set to try on.

Let's start with the appearance of the phone first. The ZenFone Selfie comes in three pastel shades of Aqua Blue, Pure White and Chic Pink which is just so sweet compared to the usual black covers most smartphones comes in.

Especially designed for a better human interaction, the ZenFone Selfie has an ergonomic arc design which is more comfortable to hold it in the palm. The volume-control and shutter button is found at the back of the phone, in an ideal position for our index finger to snap selfies and adjust the volume so one won't not lose its grip on the phone while taking a selfie.

As a blogger, the most important function for me is definitely the camera. True to its name, the ZenFone Selfie is one phone that is designed for people like me who simply loves taking selfies! It has a 13 megapixel front-facing camera and so many different settings to play around with, including a built-in beautification mode.

You know how frustrating it is when it comes to taking selfies/wefies with a big group of friends? The risk of somebody face being cut off is so high. So I really appreciate this fantastic function the ZenFone Selfie has - the Selfie Panorama which can take selfies up to 140 degrees from left to right. Now, nobody will be cut off in the group photos anymore!

Met up with Jane for dinner some weeks back and was showing her the cool camera function of the ZenFone Selfie.

Had so much laughter over the Beautification Mode function. Thank you Jane for being my model. Noticed how big her eyes are now? I wonder if she has set the 'big eyes' mode to the extreme scale of 10 to achieve this look. Hmm.

With the Beautification Mode on, it not only enables you to widen your eyes, but can also remove skin blemishes, lighten skin tone, sharpen your face and even add blushers on your cheeks for you! It comes in a scale of 1 - 10 depending on how extreme you wish to look. The effects of all these changes can be previewed instantly on the screen once you've set the scale except for the blushers effect which can only be seen when the photo is taken.

Turning on the Miniature mode to focus on the giant cookie! Really love this Christmas tree found at Toa Payoh with my favourite cupcakes, candies and cookie. Haha,

Let's not forget about the rear-facing camera. Just like the front camera, the back camera uses 13-megapixel resolution as well and the same 16 camera modes found on the front camera are offered on the rear camera as well to shoot the best possible images and videos. I brought the ZenFone Selfie with me to the media preview of the Marina Bay Countdown 2016 and all the photos in this post are taken with the ZenFone Selfie without any editing or filtering, 

Using the Night Mode function, not too bad for a phone quality. 

Selfie away. The camera comes with Super HDR technology, which improves light balance by 400%. There is this dual-LED Real Tone flash, which is on both front and back camera and it helps to deliver a fantastic combination of yellow and white light to produce well-lit shots that capture your real skin tone! 

Overall, I really exploring the different camera modes of the ASUS ZenFone Selfie phone to take photos. Moreover, the retailing price of S$379 (without contract) is rather budget friendly to most people. The only downside that I encounter is the processing time for the camera. It is a bit slow compared to my iPhone so I must maintain a steady hand even after the photo is taken cause it takes a few second for the photo to load into the album and I can't move my hand otherwise the photo will be blurred. Also, I'm too used to iOS that I still can't adapt to Andriod. 

Ending my post with one last photo of me in .gif format. So convenient to take .gif photos now with the ZenFone Selfie. Usually, I have to take and combine using a third party app. Really saves me a lot of time with this.

Thank you.


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