Sunday, March 13, 2016

[PERSONAL] Clothes Donation at Dressabelle + Clothes Swapping at 313 Somerset

Forced myself to pack my clothes over the weekend due to the two initiatives by DRESSABELLE and 313 Somerset that can give my pre-loved clothing new owners. I have two wardrobe of clothes and some bags of unsorted clothes, all of those are either bought by me or given to me by my friends when they are clearing their wardrobe. I really appreciate cause some of the clothes I received really looks nice and fits me well. Feeling grateful for the kind thoughts of them wanting me to look better.

That's me at Dressabelle, Centrepoint outlet trying out the dresses after my donation. This was taken on Saturday. In the end, I didn't buy this two dresses that I've tried on. 

I first get to know of this wonderful initiative by DRESSABELLE thanks to the FaceBook posting by Que Origin as they were one of the sponsors. 

Racks of dresses at Dressabelle, Centrepoint. Learnt that there's a lot more at their Playfair outlet from an Instagram friend. 

The dress I bought in the end. Usual price cost S$25, after utilizing the $15 voucher, this only cost S$10! So happy for this best buy. 

On Sunday, I came back again with Meryl. I didn't buy anything so only she bought. 

Message behind the discount card. I hope that there will be more of such nice initiate that we can participate. On one hand, we can do our part to give back to society by donating our pre-loved clothes, they can get some business too when we buy new dresses with the vouchers. So it's basically a win-win situation. 

My other bag of clothes goes to the Green & Gorgeous Fashion Swap by 313 Somerset. Today is only the dropped off day and they are really strict in examining the clothes brought to them. A little dot of stain will not get clearance. This is to ensure that during the swap on 19th March, others are getting quality clothes. However, I felt that the quality of clothes can be really subjective. 

Went shopping with Meryl at Metro and they are currently having a membership drive so with our purchase we both become Metro Lifetime Members. Lol.

Dinner was at 49 Seats with Meryl, tried their Tom Yum Pasta. Sauce too thick for my liking but innovative.

And then we had Gong Cha before I left to meet one of the Instagram winner. Really thankful for staying out late with me until the winner is ready to meet.

Ending my post with this quote spotted at Metro.

Don't wait for the perfect moment. 
Take the moment and make it perfect.


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