Sunday, February 28, 2016

[RUN] My Little Pony: 6 km Friendship Run 2016

A fresh face selfie before going for the My Little Pony: Friendship Run 2016

Starting point of this run was at the Sentosa Palawan Green
The My Little Pony Friendship Run featured three different race categories: the 6KM Bestie Run, where best friends have to cross the finishing line hand in hand in order to be accounted for the competition timing and to celebrate the Magic of Friendship; the 4KM Fun Run, where fans of My Little Pony came together to share their love and lastly, the 1KM Pony Kids Run, where parents get to bond with their children while running together.

Photo Credit : MY LITTLE PONY Friendship Run 2016
About 5,000 participants turned up for this My Little Pony Friendship Run which is held for the first time in Singapore. Some even come dressed up as their favourite My Little Pony characters such as Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, sporting colourful hair extension and outfits. 

Met Twilight Sparkle before the race begins! 

We got to run through four different zones - Bubbles in the Air Zone, Sparkle Zone, Rainbow Zone and the "Say Cheese" Zone before crossing the finishing line. I don't know if I'm too tired or what but I didn't notice the Sparkle Zone and "Say Cheese" Zone at all.

A blurry photo of the 5 KM signboard. My hands were shaking. Usually by now, I would have completed the run. 

At last, completed the run. This is both Jessie and my first run of 2016 and the first time we attempt 6km. Even though I felt that my condition is all good for this run, the only thing I lack of is some training to strengthen my legs. Jelly feet with no strength is the cause of my not so good timing.

Another finisher medal added to my medals collection. Received a cute Pinkie Pie plushie and towel as part of the goodies for the race.

My race timing.

Breakfast at Maxwell Market with RKM. Thank you! I treasure our friendship! 


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