Thursday, May 03, 2018

[EVENT] Introducing the Newly Launched Brown Sugar Pearls Series Drink by LiHO

Singapore's home-grown bubble tea LiHO has recently launched an exclusive Brown Sugar Pearls series following the success in The Michelin Guide Singapore Street Food Festival 2018.

LiHO has been appointed as the Exclusive Gourmet Tea Partner for The Michelin Guide Street Food Festival 2018 and during this prestigious event which took place from 30th March 2018 to 1st April 2018, they launched and introduced the Brown Sugar Pearl series. This series of Brown Sugar Pearls beverage was very well received among all the Michelin Chefs, celebrities, locals as well as foreigners and is labelled as the MUST TRY drink in 2018.

I went down to LiHO, Suntec City outlet to experience this must try drink. Before that, I have already tried it once but today I also got to make my own cup of Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk. Definitely not going to miss the opportunity to making my favourite drink!

Wearing one of the pieces of clothes I get from the Carousell Charity Clothes Buffet.

Experience of making my own Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk

The Brown Sugar Pearls 黑糖珍珠 is the main highlights of this drink and LiHO's brown sugar pearls are slow cooked with raw and pure brown sugar over a few hours. This results in softer, chewier pearls that exude with the roasted brown sugar fragrance.

The chef give me a first demonstration before I prepare this drink myself.
First, we add about 2 full big spoons of brown sugar pearls to the cup. Afterwards, we spread the brown sugar pearl to the side of the cup so that the syrup sticks to the whole cup. This also creates a very nice effect on the cup after the milk is poured in. Next, we add ice to 3/4 full before we finally add in the fresh milk. Tadah, it's as simple as that!

The end product of this Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk 黑糖珍珠鲜奶 is a mix of the warm and chewy Brown Sugar Pearls with cold fresh milk. The contrast in temperature is an interesting blend that will leave you wanting more.

2 Ways to Enjoy the Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk

1. Straight from the Straw!

Simply poke your straw straight in and suck it up to get the taste of both the warm Brown Sugar Pearls followed by cold creamy milk. This is also my preferred method of drinking.

2. Shake it up 8 times!

Enjoy light brown sugar flavoured milk by shaking the drink 8 times and enjoy the blend.

Another version of the Brown Sugar Pearls Fresh Milk

We were curious with the cups of toppings and the chef later told us that these were used to make the Brown Sugar Pearls Fresh Milk Party 黑糖珍珠鲜奶大派对 which the other influencer made. The toppings are the cunch of peanuts, Oreos and caramelized biscuit. Before adding this topping, a layer of cream cheese is added. This unique combination added extra texture that compliments the chewiness of their Brown Sugar Pearls.

A photo with the chef of the day who guided me along and also made this Brown Sugar Pearls Fresh Milk Party for me. Thank you.

This Brown Sugar Pearls series beverages is now launched from 27th April 2018 at ALL Singapore LiHO outlets which is 90 outlets islandwide. Do try it for yourself to taste the goodness of the Brown Sugar Pearls.

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