Saturday, December 09, 2017

[REVIEW] Let Magiclean Fabric Freshener works its MAGIC

Weekend is the time I do the bulk of my household chores and cleaning is one of the most tedious and time consuming of all. Most of the time, I stopped after vacuuming and mopping the floor but there's still a handful of fabrics to wash like the bedsheets, comforters, Baby Rena's soft toys, stroller and more. These are some of the things that we are often in close contact with but washing them is simply too much of a hassle and if I don't get to dry them well under the sun, they will end up with a nasty smell. Thankfully, I get to find out that there is a product that is able to help.

Introducing Magiclean Fabric Freshener, a product developed by Japan advanced R&D that helps to tackle the invisible dirt and odor found in hard-to-wash fabric items.

As a mother, I have to keep a high level of hygiene in the toys she played with. Guilty to say that I have not washed Baby Rena's soft toys before, I've only hanged them out in the sun to dry. With Magiclean Fabric Freshener, the strong penetrative power of the formulation can penetrate into the deep layers of the fabric of the soft toys to kill 99.9% of the bacteria.

The easy to grip bottle makes it a breeze for spraying and with its unique trigger technology from Japan, it can dispenses a micro-mist spray for wider and even more coverage.

It is also formulated with natural deodorizing extracts to neutralize odor and prevent it from returning for up to 24 hours. 

That means, I can even apply it on my clothes and fabric shoes to get rid of the bad odor. This is extremely useful if you need to freshen up your clothes after lunch time when the clothes would be stained of the food smell.

With Magiclean Fabric Freshener, it brings along so much convenience to that I can clean these hard to wash fabrics anytime I want. I can have a peace of mind knowing that Baby Rena's soft toys are clean and free from germs cause she loves putting them in her mouth. 

Magiclean Fabric Freshener is also available Refreshing Mint and Pure Blossom fragrances and is retailing at $4.95 for a 370ml bottle.  


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