Thursday, June 08, 2017

[EVENT] Launch of Cinema Etiquette Video

Singapore Kindness Movement and Public Hygiene Council have collaborated to launch a light-hearted video on cinema etiquette

This cinema etiquette video titled "Ben and Bang" is schedule to be screened across the four major cinema operators this June 2017

 Launch of Cinema Etiquette Video

The launch of cinema etiquette video was held at The POD, National Library Building and Mr Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources was the guest of honor to officiate this event.

Left: Speech by Chairman of Public Hygiene Council, Mr Edward D'Silva
Right: Speech by General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement, Dr. William Wan
Dr William Wan, General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement observed, "We have emphasised on the need for individuals to take the first step in the current campaign, "Kindness, It's Up to Us". In this video series, Singaporeans can see from both sides of the coin and hopefully take a proactive stance towards kindness."

Ben & Bang video series that tackles sensitive topics with a winsome touch

Photo Credit to Singapore Kindness Movement
The actors in Ben & Bang entertaining invited guests with a short skit
Ben & Bang is a 14 episodes video series featuring two good friends who have different views on kindness. Ben, the self-centered and skeptical character, is portrayed as being hesitant and reserved in offering a helping and. Bang, on the other hand, is more laidback and is always ready and happy to assist others.

Some issues ranging from cultural sensitivity and online bullying to community social graces like neighbourliness will be touched on in the 14 episodes video series. Through everyday scenarios, views can see how these two exceedingly different personalities react to the situations and the funny consequences which result from both their actions (or inaction). Singapore Kindness Movement hopes that with this video series, people will pay more attention to their actions and how it will affects others around them. 

Photo Credit to Singapore Kindness Movement
Mr Masagos Zulkifi, Dr William Wan, and Mr Edward D'Silva launching the cinema etiquette video with the representatives of the four major cinema operators, namely Cathay Cineplexes, Filmgrade Cineplex, Golden Village and Shaw Theatres. The video addressing three issues that are commonly encountered by moviegoers such as littering, usage of mobile phones as well as talking loudly while the movie is running will be screened at this four cinemas following the launch today.

Photo Credit to Singapore Kindness Movement
Cinema operators were given tokens of appreciation. Third from left, Ms Jolleen Lim from Golden Village, Mr Rudy Marianto from Shaw Theatres, Ms Lena Tan from Cathay Cineplexes and Mr Karun from Filmgrade

With over 109,200kg of trash collected from one single cinema in recent years, or the equivalent of 2,100kg of trash per week, this video is a timely reminder for moviegoers to always be conscious and mindful of their actions in the movie theaters.

I've got the opportunity to take a photo with the two actors, Ben and Bang to end the event. 

Check out the Ben & Bang cinema etiquette video. It acts as a reminder to Singaporeans that every individual has a part to play in creating a pleasant and gracious nation for all.

Two videos will be released on Singapore Kindness Facebook page every month.

Kindness, It's up to us.


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