Saturday, May 13, 2017

[EVENT] MapleStorySEA's Pre-Beyond Patch Private Event + Giveaway

MapleStory has been around for over a decade and till today is still considered a popular mass-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It has been played by different generations, including myself and has been steadily coming up with updates to engage the gamers so that there are more challenges to be completed. Recently I just got back to play the game again and realized that I'm being labelled as an "Ancestor" in the game and they have so many different maps. My latest IGN is ChewyRena but now I'm too busy to continue playing.

I was glad to receive an invitation to attend the MapleStorySEA's Pre-Beyond Patch private event which was exclusively open only for the top Maplers and brand advocates. Thanks Asiasoft for the invite.

Despite not being able to be the top mapler, I was lucky to have my blog that sort of makes me a brand advocate for them. I get a first hand preview of the upcoming patch details as well as insights about the game's future plans.

The event was held at the Second Storey Cafe and I was surprise the place was able to hold a large group of us. 

Had a wonderful buffet spread for refreshments.

Mana Potion and Soul Booster mocktail for our drinks.

Computers were setup for the gamers to login and play the game before the presentation starts.

During the presentation, it was announced that the MapleStorySEA's Beyond patch released will see the game having a new Union System as well as the return of Omega Sector and many other exciting changes.

The Union System is a new feature that replace Character Cards and Part Time Job system. One of the criteria to be in the union system is that your character must be at least level 60 and has completed 2nd Job Advancement.

The Omega Sector will be re-introduced with a new boss at the end of the area. Level requirement is 165+.

One of the main highlight of the event was the introduction of a new boss - Lucid.

The Top Maplers attempting to beat Lucid in Hard Mode but little damages were done and they were unable to defeat Lucid.

Thus, there's now an open challenge to DEFEAT LUCID IN HARD MODE, whereby the first party of 6 players to defeat Lucid in Hard Mode (SEA server) will be immortalized forever! It will comes in a limited edition 6-set @Cash cards (each with a value of 10,000 @Cash), customized with your character and IGN. Just think about giving out this as a 'Special Namecard' to your friends. How cool would that be? Challenge stands till 31 December 2017.

Photo Credit +Jessie Quek 
Everyone brings home a goodie bag and on top of that a lucky draw was conducted and nearly everyone got something on top of the goodie bag to bring home. The best prize was a razor keyboard. I won a Pink Bean and Ryden won a Yeti plushie.


I have 2 sets of the goodies that I would like to giveaway! 

It includes:

- MapleStory Season 2 Mousepad
- MapleStory Season 2 Pen
-MapleStory Season 2 Keychain 
- Maple Story Cash Item: Merlion Pet Package redemption code
(Contains a Merlion Pet, Merlion pet Equipment. Will only loot mesos for you Permanent. Valid till 31st May 2017)

Winners must be able to self collect the prize at JuzGaming Cyber Cafe, the only Lan Gaming Shop in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. 


1) Like this post on my Facebook Page @chewyjas 
2) Comment below my post of your IGN and level in Maple Story
3) Tag at least 1 friend for higher chances to win


Good Luck!


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