Saturday, January 21, 2017

[PREGNANCY] Thomson Confinement Food Tasting Session

I registered for the Thomson Confinement Food Tasting session held at Thomson Parentcraft Centre (Opposite Thomson Medical Centre) and attended with my mum and hubby.

The session started with a presentation on the importance of Post-Natal Recovery as well as the difference phases of Post-Natal Recovery. Basically, there's 3 different phases for post-natal recovery for mummies to take note of and each phases is targeted at different healing objectives thus different set of confinement food will be prepared.




This is their 28 days menu for both lunch and dinner. I really love how there is hardly any repetition of the dishes. Not only that, one can be rest assured of the quality of the food as the menu is developed by their in-house team of experts in nutrition. They now have non-pork menu too.

Dishes for the first half of confinement period will be more mild so that the body can better absorb them and to prevent discomfort and water retention. Dishes for the second half will tend to be more of tonic to recover the energy and regain vitality. Like what most people told me, confinement period is the most important period for a woman. Whether your body become stronger or weaker will depends a lot on how you recover your body.

This is their food tasting size. Just a small sample size for the mummies to try out the flavours. I find the food suitable for my taste buds and the flavours is not too strong.

For lunch, the food will be packed in a set of 4 containers and 1 thermos in a thermal carriers like this so that the food will arrived warm and also there is no need to wish the utensils, just swap the bag. Microwavable containers will be used for the last delivery.

Lunch delivery time will be between 11.00am to 2.00pm and Dinner will be between 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

It was really an informative talk and for those who signed up, they can get this nice suitcase full of confinement essentials as well. I didn't signed up on the spot as still undecided as to whether I should get the packages but I'm really sold for the convenience that if I get this, at least I do not have to worry and think of what to eat everyday and do not have to wash the dishes. This is really a time to pamper myself and also to devote time for caring the baby.

My only concern now is my mother-in-law who is quite keen to cook and wanted me to save on this cost. I really loves her cooking, but at the same time, I'm worried that she will be too tired to cook and bring the food over daily. Good thing is most places do take in last minute orders (advance notice of 2 days for TMC) so I guess I still have some time to consider. Meanwhile, I will also source around others confinement food providers as well.

 This confinement food tasting session is held every month and the next one is on the 11th Feb 2017. Duration is about an hour for the talk including the sampling of food, after which would be free and easy time for signing up of the packages on the spot (discount applies if you sign there) as well as checking out other booths which might also be present there. For my visit, it was the cryoviva booth.

I do encourage mummies to go for it as during the talk, the doctors will also answer some questions like what can or cannot be done during confinement period, etc.

To register and for more information, do visit their official website


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