Saturday, May 14, 2016

[TRAINING] Mizuno Ekiden 2016 First Training Run

The Mizuno Ekiden 2016 Run is a relay race whereby each team of four will come together to complete either a Half Marathon (21.1km) or Full Marathon (42.195km) together. Have signed up for the 21.1km relay race with 3 other running buddies, Tracy, Jessie and Kelvin. I was arranged to be at the 3rd position.  

Was on leave today to train up for the run
To help us in our preparation for the actual run on 16th July, the Mizuno Ekiden team has arrange running clinics for the runners. This is their first running clinic that took place at the Singapore Sports Hub.
Cool down exercise
Coach Shanmugam Subramanaim a.k.a Coach Sham leading us in the warm up and cool down session. Coach Sham is an accomplished long-distance runner who have completed numerous local and overseas races. He is also an accredited coach by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF). He is currently the Head Coach and Founder of Team RunFanatics.

Photo with Coach Sham after the run
Glad to have Coach Sham to train and guide us with the proper running techniques.

With a super encouraging Pacer - Shawn
In addition, I would like to thanks the very encouraging and motivating pacers from Team RunFanatics. They were all so young and energetic to accompany us to run early in the morning. Felt so bad that I have to stop and walk and they can only run slowly to accompany me. Geez. Have a good chat with the group that job/run with me. 

Thanks Fadzly for the photo
My all-time running buddy who have ran with me for most of the races.

Had the chance to try out a pair of Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds, which actually has an app to track one's overall fitness as well as to capture key stats like time, pace, distance, calories burned, peak and average heart rate, and others. They were one of the sponsors for the Mizuno Ekiden 2016 Run.

I can't run without music. This pair of Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds is awesome because now I need not worry about my earpiece wire tangling together. Just need to pair this up with my iPhone with the Bluetooth function.

Photo Credited to Fadzly
Lastly, a group photo for memory. Was a wonderful time running but the weather was too hot even in the morning. 


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