Friday, April 08, 2016

[CONCERT] C Asean Consonant Concert 2016 : The Sound and Spirit of ASEAN

It was a relaxing night of beautiful music as I attended the C asean Consonant Concert: The Sound and Spirit of ASEAN.  This 75-minute concert was held at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium of the National University of Singapore.  

C asean is a Bangkok-based social enterprise established in 2013 with the mission to build a regional hub for ASEAN knowledge center, focusing on business startups and ASEAN art and culture as well as building an effective ASEAN network and community and to set a stage of showcase on business, arts, and culture for young entrepreneurs and new generations. The vision of C asean is "Collaboration for the better of ASEAN's connectivity". 

Art and cultural is one key elements to unite and connect ASEAN together, thus C asean Consonant is formed to bring together new generations of musicians across ASEAN. ASEAN is a diversifying region and C asean Consonant aims to use music to bring together musicians across ASEAN countries. Music is the best language to be used as a universal bridge to preserve the traditional cultural and to promote friendship. One do not have to know the language to know the power of music.

Associate Professor Victor R Savage of the NUS Office of Alumni Relations, co-organiser of the concert, says, "Music after all is an international language that transcends linguistic, cultural, religious, political and economic barriers."

 Featuring talented young musicians from ten ASEAN countires (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) who gather to showcase a medley of traditional music and the instruments from their country. This platform allows the young talents across ASEAN to develop, share, learn and preserve the traditional music of ASEAN. 

Winning the 1st prize of ASEAN Anthem competition, The Asean Way has become the official regional anthem of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and was the first performance of the night. This performance is sang by The Singapore Kids in SQ uniform with the age ranging from 5 to 13 years old. Conducted by Mr Watchara Pluemyart.

Songs are specially selected and rearrange to accentuate the uniqueness of each traditional musical instruments. 


Short Clip of The Asean Way

Full Clip of Sarika Keo (Cambodia)

This is a very unique performance whereby melodies and musical instruments are being used to illustrate a kind of bird that can imitate the sound of human and nature. The bird enjoys singing, dancing and eating fruits on the tree. Conducted by Mr Watchara Pluemyart. 

Full Clip of Dayung Sampan (Singapore)

Dayung Sampan is a regional song unifying the courageous "orang laut" (sea gypsies) who formed the backbone of the Great Asian Sea Trade Route. The version in Singapore praises the link with China and the deep happiness when the little sampans or small boats) come. Conducted by Alicia Joyce De Silva.

Full Clip of Salidummay (Philippines)

Salidummay is a popular folk song among various ethnic groups in Cordillera Highland in the north of Philippines. Bamboo instruments are used to interlock and accompany call and response singing. This is one performance we as audience play a part too.

Full Clip of Pandang Pandang Jeling Jeling (Malaysia)

Composed in Inang rhythm, the original version of this song was sung by Data S M Salim and Dato Siti Nurhaliza in "Pantun" poetry form. I really like this music so much that I went back to find it on YouTube and now had it on my Spotify.

** All the full length videos credit to lwlwilliam. Thanks a lot! ** 

C asean also engages with several organizations to help gain regional recognition for this music collaboration. ThaiBev, Thailand and Southeast Asia's leading beverage company, incorporated with F&N Malaysia and Singapore, lays plan to support C asean Consonant as a major contributor to this series concert.


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