Monday, April 18, 2016

[BEAUTY] Gelish Manicure + Pedicure at CL'athena Nails Salotto

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Time away from working for others, time away from helping others get things done. I guess I've been spending most of my energy on others and it's time to make sure my own well-beings are taken care of. 

I decided to start from my nails by going for a full gelish manicure and pedicure session at CL'athena Nails Salotto. Everything was done within an hour and this one hour was simply a relaxing time.

Checking out some of the nail arts the lady boss and the manicurist did. The lady boss goes for a more gentle, sweet and flowery kind of style for her nail art design. Whereas, her manicurist, Bel has a more fashionable style, that inspired Bao Bao Issey Miyake nail art is an evidence to bring the point across.


My feet photo, taken after some soaking and removing of dead skin. Bel is very attentive to check through my nails and the area around my nails to ensure that they are healthy. Some customers have foot rot or other feet issues and may need special treatment. And after this closed up photo did I realized that the little strand of hairs on my big toe looks really ugly, but luckily Bel helped me to pluck them off later on.

Dedicated Bel doing her job!

My nails ready to be painted with colours now! No more strands of hair.

All done. Now I look down at my feet and all I see are the pretty nails. As my nails are too small, I didn't request to do complicated nail arts on them. So I just go for this classy type.


For my manicure, my friend sent me this video for reference and I took a few screenshot of the nail art which I prefer.

I chose this design in the end. It's simple and colourful with bold black stripes. A bit like rebellious on the sweet side. Haha.

So while Bel is working on my Pedicure, she's doing my manicure at the same time, saving me a lot of time.

Completed nails. The base colour is white and the four pastel colours were individually dabbed on with her finger thus the smudgy effect. Seems easy to do but I definitely do not have that kind of patience to do this myself.

Mirror reflection with EXO music video playing in the background.

This is how the inside of the shop looks like. It's a small and cozy place. I felt that the price is pretty reasonable too. Express manicure cost just S$25 and with nail art will range about S$40 to S$100 plus depending on the difficulties level and design.

Yeah, this type will cost about S$100+. Look at that amount of bling and was told that it was a 10 different tone glitter nail art, meaning all 10 nails will have a different glitter colour. Very cool but not for me as I'm too rough.

Pretty nails and pretty snapchat filter calls for a pretty selfie! Thank you for the pampering nails treat. 

CL'athena Nails Salotto

Address: 180 Bencoolen Street
The Bencoolen
Singapore 189646

(Nearest MRT : Bugis)

Tel : 6884 5403

Opens Daily : Mon - Sat : 10.30 am - 7.30 pm
                       Sunday : 11.00 am - 6.00 pm  

Facebook Page :


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