Wednesday, January 06, 2016

[MOVIE] Ghost Ship 猛鬼船 มอญซ่อนผี

Was the rating of this movie classified wrongly? That was what came to my mind after watching Ghost Ship, my first movie of 2016. Directed by Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon, Ghost Ship is supposedly to be a Thai Horror Movie but personally, I felt that it's more of a comedy movie instead. There's only a few horror scenes with suspense in the beginning of the movie. In fact, throughout the movie, not only me, but friends around me were laughing out loudly too. 

Setting for the whole movie was mainly on board this Ship so there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. There's the usual scare and suspense scenes for example, the character would hear some noise coming from a box/trash bag and would go and investigate what's inside. The flickering of lights or a strange looking figure popping out from somewhere to scare you. 

The three main characters in the movie - Pongsatorn Sripinta (Yola), Bhuvadol Vejvongsa (Kala) and Timethai Plangslip (Solui) acted very well in the movie. Each of them had their own distinguish personality and you would expect a lots of funny moments and interactions between them. We sort of agreed that Kala bears certain resemblance to Ken Chow in Ah Boys to Men.

Beside the horror elements and humorous scenes, the director also added a little bit of romance into the movie. Just a spoiler here, one of them was actually a ghost on board the ship. Haha. And this ghost is still so good looking unlike the rest of the ghosts that looks horrendous just because this ghost is the lead character. Then, there's another scene whereby it's showtime for a particular ghost, so that ghost was cracking and twisting its bones for a good 2 minutes, which during that time, the characters have all safely escaped. Instead of feeling frightened, my friends and I all agreed that this part is hilarious. 

In fact, you would find a lot of good twists in the movie as the story unfolds which I think is the usual case for Thai movies. What you think is the dead body may not really be a dead body. Who you think is alive may even be dead and is a ghost waiting for revenge. What looks like simple barrels containing smuggled goods may become storage for corpses. Someone who seems to be your alias may turned out to be the person who betray you due to their own circumstances. 

Trailer Time

Overall, I felt Ghost Ship is a good light-hearted movie to watch with good friends and have a good laugh together. Thanks Meryl for bringing me along! 

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