Wednesday, December 02, 2015

[BEAUTY] Review of LPG® Gynoid Body Endermologie® with Cosmétiques application (40 minutes)

Just like every ladies out there, I longed to have a pretty face followed by a slim figure. Since it's highly not possible for me to change my face, the next best thing I could do to improve my overall looks is to cut down on my stubborn fats and slim down.  

Fortunately, I went for the official launch of LPG® Endermologie® Cosmetiques few weeks back (read post here) and they gave us a one time complimentary trial to try out their face or body treatment. I choose the 40 minutes LPG® Gynoid Body Endermologie® with Cosmétiques application.

Changed into the robe provided in the locker room and took a selfie. This was the exact same day that Whatsapp decided to go haywire, causing frustration and me ended up being 20 minutes late for this appointment.

My friendly and patient beautician, Lee Pin waited and explained the whole process to me after we were back in the treatment room. For my session today, she's going to do the Gynoid Lipomassage Treatment for me. She explained to me that although exercise can lose weight but only through the use of machine can we target the area that we wanted to slim down and achieve the body we want. I told her my area of concern is my tummy and thigh so that she could focus on this two areas. I even found out that fat cells don't increase, they just grew bigger, and when they grow bigger, the lymphatic system became smaller and in result cause water retention.

 Before the real treatment begin, I have to change into this highly durable and thin LPG suit. For guys, it's blue in colour. The whole procedure combines three treatments: Glowing Revitalising Cream; Body Endermologie; and Smoothng Anti-dimple Complex.The Glowing Revitalising Cream was applied to facilitates micro-peeling action to rejuvenate the skin.

Next is the Body Endermologie. I was a bit worried because I'm super sensitive to itchiness. So I keep asking my beautician if this would be itchy. She reassured me that it's comfortable. This treatment head or a roller as what was referred to for easy understanding helps to gently stimulates the skin tissue and target different areas of the body using the 100% natural MECANO-STIMULATION technique. Such a mechanical stimulation reactivates cellular activity and sends a signal deep down to the fat cells and fibroblasts to provoke a physiological response. Collagen and elastin production as well as lipolysis are hence activated.

In simpler terms, the folding and unfolding of the roller's action help the cells to exercise and increase blood circulation. Toxic is also eliminated at the same time. Massage can only be done on the surface but this is like a deeper type of massage. The first action of the roller is to pull up the fats and it's still bearable but when it comes to the second action which is to localized fats, it starts to be a bit more painful as the fats cells were being targeted. So the more fats cells you have the more painful the experience will be. The pain for me lasted till the whole of next day but I fully recovered the following day.

Lastly, the Smoothing Anti-dimple Complex is applied. This product helps to eliminate stored fat and smooth cellulite.

After the whole session, I can feel the effect almost immediately. Though I did not take down any statistics, but I did feel my thighs more toned and whole body seems to feel lighter. Thanks once again for the session.

For those of you who would like to try out, below is the information

LPG® Engermospa Singapore is located at 

391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City
Tower B
Singapore 238872

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11am to 9pm, Sunday 11am to 8pm
For appointments or more information, call 6734 6626


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