Monday, October 19, 2015

[REVIEW] Ultimate Ears Introduces UE ROLL

I can't go a day without listening to music. I listened to all kind of music, as long as they are nice. I have a playlist for k-pop songs, those are my happy beats that keeps me feeling full of positive energy although I have absolutely no idea what the lyrics are about. I have Chinese and English playlist that I can sing along to and I have instrumental music playlist that can helps me to stay calm and focus.

I was introduced to this powerful pint-sized wireless Bluetooth® speaker known as the UE ROLL from Ultimate Ears, a brand of Logitech. This super cool gadget brings my love for music up another level as I can blast music wherever and whenever I goes.

It's so portable, it fits my palm perfectly. It has a height of 40mm, diameter of 135mm and weigh just 340 grams. Being so user friendly, there's only three buttons you need to remember. The huge '+' and '-' sign in front is to control the volume and the small button behind to on and off the device.

Thanks to its attachable marine-grade bungee cord, I can hook the UE ROLL to almost all my gear. This is how I hang it on the wall to save space when I'm using it at home.

This is how it was fasten to my bf's bike when we were on the road. Now I don't have to be part-time singer and sing to him when he's driving, he can blast his favourite music too! Hehe. It's simply a great way to connect us to our music. The bungee cord can also be used to fasten to one's swimsuit or hook to the hiking gear so that one can listen to their favourite music while doing outdoor sports too.

The UE Roll boost an awesome 360-degree sound that is loud and crisp with deep bass that busts out incredible beats. So even when we are driving on the road, we can still hear our music if we blast it to the highest volume. 

On top of its insane sound, the UE ROLL is waterproof (IPX7 certified) and shockproof (see video), we dropped it from a certain height and the sound quality wasn't even affected! Feel free to dunk it, drop it or toss it anywhere without worry as it is made of a life-resistant shell that's forged from the toughest and most premium materials. 

In summary, I felt that the UE ROLL is designed to be part of an ultra-mobile lifestyle. It's lightweight and small with a nine-hour battery life anda 20-metre wireless range so that you can take it anywhere. Available at a suggested retail price of S$ 149.00 and comes with a two-year limited hardware warranty. Get the UE ROLL to amplify your musical experience.

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