Thursday, October 15, 2015


Everyday, my job requires me to multitask and become multi-screeners. From using my laptop as the main source for my work, reading my emails, updating my finances and generating quotations on my iPad Mini to sending messages and updating my social media contents from my iPhone. No longer are we bound to just one desk, one device or one operating system.  

The Logitech® K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth® Keyboard gives me the freedom to work, create and express myself on any device, anywhere. It provides the comfort and convenience of a desktop keyboard for my iPad Mini as well as iPhone. The main highlight is how easy I am able to connect and instantly switch between typing on my iPad Mini and iPhone (up to any three Bluetooth enabled devices) with the Easy-Switch™ buttons (the three buttons in yellow). 

This versatile K380 keyboard is so compact and lightweight, with a dimensions of 124 mm x 279 mm x 16 mm and weighing just 423g with batteries, I can bring it anywhere and everywhere with me, even to the outdoor meeting we had at Raffles Marina.  

The K380 keyboard recognizes my connected devices and automatically maps keys to supported functions and shortcuts, making my typing experience familiar and comfortable. Each buttons fits my fingers comfortably and is easy to type on it.  

Another reason why I prefer to use the K380 keyboard to type on my iPad Mini is because if I didn't connect to an external keyboard and have to type on the keys of my iPad Mini, you will see that my already very small screen have reduced by half (as seen on the left of the photo) whereas when I connect my iPad mini to the K380 keyboard, I can straight away see the full screen. 

The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard provides up to two years of battery life from the two AAA batteries included which virtually eliminates power concerns, letting user focus on what you're typing and not on powering the keyboard. It is available in blue or black for a suggested retail price of $54.00 with a 1-year limited hardware warranty.

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