Tuesday, October 27, 2015

[Beauty] Official launch of LPG® Endermologie® Cosmétiques - Face & Body Line at LPG® Endermospa, Ngee Ann City

LPG® is the world leader in cellular stimulation with the CELLU M6 with its exclusive and 100% natural slimming and anti-ageing technology and is present in more than 110 countries. 

In 2009, LPG® launched the "LPG® Endermospa" Day Spa concept. Centres are dedicated to deliver the perfect performance of LPG® patented treatments with the philosophy of natural healing, natural beauty and natural wellness. 

In Singapore, Mary Chia Holdings is behind the first LPG® Endermospa and customers can be assured that every treatment is exclusive and performed by an elite team of dedicated LPG® therapists, ensuring product knowledge and skill for the treatment.

Today, LPG® Endermospa unveiled a comprehensive range of LPG® Endermologie® Cosmétiques, a full array of facial and body care solutions at LPG® Endermospa, Ngee Ann City. During the official launch, LPG® Endermospa showcased its flagship solutions: Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum; LPG® 10% Peeling Procedue; and LPG® Gynoid Lipomassage.

Very honoured to be invited and have a photo taken with Mr Nelson Philippe, grandson of Louis Paul Guitay, the inventor of LPG® Endermologie® technique who was there to officiate the launch.

Thanks Meryl for this lovely group photo.
Mr Nelson Philippe personally shared with us on what makes him decided to be fully involved with the LPG® system. He was a former IndyCar race car driver and started racing at a tender age of 17. He even won his first IndyCar race in Australia at just 20 years old. However, his car-racing career stopped abruptly when he was seriously injured during a race accident in 2009. Nelson underwent the Endermologie® therapy for a full recovery and since then, he decided to be involved to help others have access to and benefit from this unique cell stimulating technique. 

"LPG® Endermospa carries the full suite of techniques from LPG® Endermologie®. This lineup furthers out unique philosophy of beauty care and our research into cellular stimulation. We are happy with the positive response we received from our LPG® Endermospa customers in Singapore since we introduced it. This is why we have launched the full range of Endermologie® Cosmétiques in Singapore," said Nelson Phillipe, Member of Board of Directors LPG Systems.

Next, we were brought into this treatment room where a demo was shown on how a typical LPG® Skin Rejuvenation treatment would be like. 

LPG® 10% Peeling procedure for radiant and young looking skin. This procedure combines the LPG® Peel and Face Endermologie for maximum results.

First, the makeup free skin was cleansed with the LPG Pre-Treatment Micellar Lotion, the Face Endermologie treatment boosts microcirculation and stimulates fibroblasts to make them more receptive to the peel. The skin is less prone to redden and better absorbs the peel.

Next, the LPG Peel is applied to the face and neck to exfoliates the skin and boosts cellular regeneration. It is packaged in a syringe with an extra soft silicone applicator. The LPG superficial peel formula combines glycolic and mandelic acid for optimal anti-aging results while reducing skin damage risks. This treatment is suitable for all skin types as they will be able to customize the percentage of the Glycolic acid and Mandelic acid based on the skin type you have.

LPG® Endermologie® Cosmétiques series of products for face and body. Both series helps to stimulate the natural cellular activity for either anti-aging or slimming functions. For the skincare products, they are tailored to the three main ageing types - sagging, hollowing and thickening. For the body care products, the aim is to treat the three main expectations of a perfect body - cellulite, volume loss and anti-ageing.

As a welcome gift, we were each given this Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum. This serum comprises 7% high-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid Complex. It helps in moisturizing and creates an instant smoothing effect when applied to skin. It can also evens out fine lines and wrinkles and helps to hydrate the skin to achieve soft and supple effect. The paraben-free, non-scented serum boasts a fluid texture for maximum comfort even during cold weathers and helps in the formation of a skin protective film that combats external aggression. 

Beside treatment for the face, they also have the LPG® Gynoid Lipomassage to helps achieve the body desired. I would share more on this after my review session with them.

Check out my review post here:


Thank you for the wonderful evening with lovely refreshments. I look forward to my first session of treatment.

LPG® Engermospa Singapore is located at 

391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City
Tower B
Singapore 238872

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11am to 9pm, Sunday 11am to 8pm
For appointments or more information, call 6734 6626


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