Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Having a beautiful smile adds value to a person. A beautiful smile can be achieved if you take good care of your oral hygiene and keep your teeth clean and white. As white as my little Cony there would be great. Using the right set of oral care products plays a big factor too. My gums used to bleed when I used an unsuitable toothbrush and I used to hate the residue that one particular brand of toothpaste left behind. So hard to rinse off. What I'm currently using now is good but I am also open to try new products. 

Was really delighted when Pearlie White®, Singapore's only home grown maker of oral care products sent me this box of essential oral care products to try out. Check out The Real Red®'s design and packaging, which proudly and suitably bears the lion head symbol to promote our national identity.  

A personalized toothbrush with my name printed on it, a rinsing cup and The Real Red® ToothpasteThe Real Red® Toothpaste is the newest addition to its family of products. Retailing at S$3.95, it is Pearlie White®'s most affordable variant yet and delivers on Pearlie White®'s promise, which is, to make high-quality, made-in-Singapore oral care products readily accessible to value-conscious consumers. 


Entirely and exclusively manufactured in Singapore at Pearlie White®'s GMP (ISO22716) certified facility in Ang Mo Kio, the anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste contains no harsh chemical ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate, saccharin, parabens, triclosan or artificial colouring - just straight up, cavity-fighting honest toothpaste.

I just have to try it myself to give a more convincing review instead of just the hard facts. 

My just woke up look. Messy hair and still in pajamas. Oops. The personalized toothbrush is for sensitive teeth and thus have very soft and fine bristles. It's suitable for gentle brushing of the gums and even the tongue. The toothpaste has a mint flavour but it's not as strong as a certain brand. I really love how fresh and clean my mouth felt after brushing. 

The Real Red® Toothpaste hit shelves at all major department stores, personal care stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and Pearlie White®'s website. The proudly made-in-Singapore toothpaste will be available at a recommended retail price of $3.95 (138g tube) each. 


At a time where we have become increasingly preoccupied with digitally-enhanced standards 
of beauty, including Hollywood-worthy smiles that feature perfectly straight teeth, digitally 
polished to a brilliant white shine, Pearlie White® has commissioned noted Singaporean 
photographer Chia Aik Beng to capture real smiles in his signature street documentary style. 
The images, featuring Singaporeans and real smiles, will become the centrepiece of Pearlie 
White’s launch campaign for The Real Red®.

At the heart of the launch is The Real Red® quest to prove that genuine happiness is 
abundant and everywhere in Singapore. Chia spent a weekend roving the streets of the likes 
of Orchard, Haji Lane and Tiong Bahru district forming quick bonds with the young and old 
from all walks of life, who were heartened to learn that their smiles will be celebrated by a 
home-grown commodity shared by fellow citizens. When probed further on what makes 
them smile, amongst those cited are “witnessing an act of kindness displayed between 
strangers makes me smile”.


The Real Red® was launched with one simple goal - to capture the real smiles of Singapore! Everyone's smile is beautiful and comes in all shapes and sizes. Pearlie White® would like to issue a challenge to take a selfie with the biggest smile (showing teeth, of course) and tag the photo with #pwkeepitreal on instagram.

Show the whole world your greatest smile today! 


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