Saturday, May 12, 2018

[FOOD + GIVEAWAY] NeNe Chicken Singapore Launches Double Freaking Hot Sauce

To all spicy food lovers out there, check out the SPICIEST Korean Sauce from NeNe Chicken Singapore! Known as DOUBLE FREAKING HOT SAUCE, this is definitely double the spiciness level compared to the all-time favourite, Freaking Hot Sauce.

Exclusively created for NeNe Chicken Singapore from NeNe Chicken Headquarters in Korea to challenge Singaporeans and see how far we can take our spicy level. If you think the famous Korean Chicken Fire Noodles is spicy enough, this is said to be spicier!

The Hot Bling Sauce is the alternative choice for those who dare not try the Double Freaking Hot Sauce but still want to get that spicy kick.

I considered myself to have a high tolerance for spicy food but this time round I really got defeated by the double freaking hot sauce! This is me after eating just one piece of that chicken. I'm already reaching out for the cold drinks and I can feel my sweat and tear dripping down.

Thank goodness for their pickled radish and corn salad that immediately relieve the spiciness in my mouth.

This is Rena after her first taste of just one drop of the Hot Bling spicy sauce, fed to her by her crazy father. After that, she just scream and shout until I am unable to pacify her and have to carry her out of the restaurant. 

Still nursing her pain with the cold drinks. 

NeNe Chicken can be found at the following 8 locations

Bedok Mall 

Bukit Panjang Plaza

Hougang Mall



Star Vista


Junction 9


Simply visit my instagram @chewyjas and follow the instructions accordingly to win a set of $10 vouchers each. Contest will closed on 18th May 2018, Friday and two winners will be selected randomly by Saturday. Take up this spicy challenge to show that Singaporean can take spicy food to the next level!


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