Thursday, March 16, 2017

[OUTING] Blossom Bliss at Flower Dome - Gardens by the Bay

Cherry Blossom, a beautiful and precious type of flowers that only blooms in Spring has a tragically short life span of only about 2 weeks. Therefore, signifying the fragility and beauty of life.

This year, thanks to Gardens by the Bay, these pretty hues of pink and white were being imported to our shore again, specifically at the Flower Dome from 3rd to 24th March 17. Known as the Blossom Bliss floral display, I knew I had to check them out myself after my social media feeds are being flooded by the pretty photos of the Cherry Blossom.

It is an outing plus advance birthday celebration for my mom whose birthday is just two days away.

Simple Japanese inspired props and landscape for that perfect photo backdrop and I just realized there are actually so many different variety of Cherry Blossom. I thought at most only two or three but there's more.

Mom standing under this unusual weeping form of Prunus autumnalis Pendula tree (Weeping Autumn Flowering Cherry).  

Some of my favourite photos of the day!

Compared to the previous time I went to Gardens by the Bay, this time round I actually took fewer selfies of myself. Instead, I just want to enjoy and immerse myself in the cooling and relaxing environment. It's consider less packed on a weekday compare to weekend.

Bought the tickets for just a single conservatory to the Flower Dome, which does not include the Cloud Forest at $$10.80 each after a 10% discount from Passion Card Member. Also bought the shuttle service ticket at S$3 each because it would be a bit too crazy to walk under the hot sun.

Take note to dress up warmly as the temperature in the Flower Dome is much cooler than usual for the best blooms. Mom was complaining that she's very cold and could not fully enjoy the outing. Also, do check out their Facebook page, for updates on the state of the Cherry Blossom before visiting.


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