Saturday, June 18, 2016

[TRAINING] Mizuno Ekiden 2016 Final Training Run

Attended the final Running Clinic organised by the Mizuno Ekiden team with the pacers from Team RunFanatics. Together, we ran on the actual Mizuno Ekiden 2016 race route. Really love this group photo taken together before the run. I can still recognize the familiar faces of the pacers from the last session. Thank you for running with us again! Photo credit to Mizuno Ekiden FB page.

The starting point of the run at The Promontory @ Marina Bay. Luckily, the weather was quite cooling. 

The actual race route from The Promontory to the Satay by the Bay before returning back. It was mentioned that the first and last runner would have a slightly longer route. I'm kind of worried that I might run off track to the wrong route because being in a relay race also means that everyone starts from a different timing except the first runner, thus I went for this training run to test run the actual race route. It was definitely a scenic route, spotted a couple taking their wedding photo there.

Brought Lynette along with me as she loves running too.

Coach Sham must have noticed the potential my friend has in running as he personally guided her on the correct running technique and posture.

The cooling down exercise with Coach Sham.

Running coach and certified nutritionist Coach Shatek sharing useful tips on the type of meals one should consume before and after a long run. Over-eating will make you feel sleepy, sluggish and tired, commonly known as a food coma after a buffet. He recommend us to reduce our carbo intake before the race. Brown rice is essential as they contain Vitamin B, iron and fibre and make you feel less hungry. 

The healthy food we ate after the training run. 

Snacks: Harvest Box Snack Pack - Strawberry Milkshake at $3 per packet from the vending machine at NTUC Building

Lunch: Healthy brown rice with mushroom herbal pot at Greendot, One Raffles Plce

Dessert: Complimentary cup of Chocolate Origin Dark Gelato at Bugis Junction. 

You don't need a reason for indulgence, they say and a little chocolate is good for health too.

Looking forward to the race in July. In addition, the organisers have even introduced a new competitive race element in partnership with Subaru- The Subaru Endurance Challenge. Subaru is the official automobile sponsor of the race, and all registered participants will be entitled to compete in the challenge. The runners (from the respective categories that clocks the fastest timing within a specific distance of the race route, will emerge as the winners of the Subaru Endurance Challenge.

The three winners will be entitled to a direct pass to the 2016 Subaru Car Challenge and would not need to vie for a spot in the finals with thousands of other applicants. In addition, they will receive Subaru merchandise worth $210. Timing will be tracked via the timing chip on the bib and results would be announced at the end of the race on event day.


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