Sunday, June 05, 2016

[Personal] On my actual Wedding Day

This post is not so much to blog about my wedding and I won't be posting all the photos here either. Instead, the purpose of this post is more to thanks the people who've helped in the wedding. 

Firstly, I would like to thanks the photographers Yong Hui and Yong Liang from MrBombastic Production. They were the first to arrive at my new house at around 6.30 am and they started taking lots of photos from the wedding items to the gown, etc. They were very experienced and won't make you feel uncomfortable with them around. Photos without the watermark @chewyjas are all taken by them. Thanks my friend, Q for introducing me and for the super friendly rate. I really felt I have underpaid them for their hard work and even do up such a wonderful video montage. Hope you are able to get more clients for your photography and videography service.   

Second to arrive at my new house is Penny, my mum and my make-up artist and hairdo stylist. She did a great job transforming me within a short period of time and also helped tie up the back of my gown when nobody else knows how to do. Love the whole look and feel just the way it is. Thank you.

Thanks Shyan for waking up early and driving the wedding car.

Thanks Vaal Lim from Hotel Fort Canning for liaising the logistic from months back and helping to change another bigger room for us for our Tea Ceremony as the initial room booked was too small. This was done last minute and really appreciate the initiative. The hotel provides this cute tea pot set and complimentary Chinese Tea but MIL prefer the sweet red dates tea so the day before she was cooking the red dates tea herself. 

  Thanks my Bro for agreeing to be my Emcee and for making everyone present have a great laugh. I know how nervous it can be to have to speak in front of a room of 6 tables but he did a great job. 

Thanks all the relatives for coming and glad to know that the lunch was up to standard and delicious. I tried all the courses and enjoyed the food very much myself too. Also thankful to those who have wished us and gave us their sincere blessings and sweets and cash, etc. Too many people to thanks.

Thank you for not minding that I'm not a perfect person, I'm not good at a lot of things, don't look pretty like a k-pop superstar and for standing by me and supporting my decisions. 

I hope that many years down the road, we will still be appreciative to each other and have no regrets for the choice we made today. May we always be happy, healthy and lucky.


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