Saturday, May 21, 2016

[EVENT LISTING] POCARI SWEAT Run on 23 July 2016​ at The Float @ Marina Bay

The POCARI SWEAT RUN returns for the fifth consecutive year with a special mission for the runners to complete the final leg of POCARI SWEAT's journey to the Moon!

In the past four years that the POCARI SWEAT Run has been held in Singapore, runners have covered a total of 300,000 KM, which is more than 75% of the distance between the Earth and the Moon. This year, with a remaining distance of 80,000 KM, participants can make history by taking part in either the 5KM or 10KM category, with each step contributing to the journey to the Moon. 

 This will be my next 5KM run in the pipeline and my first night run as it's held at 5pm on 23rd July 2016 at The Float @ Marina Bay. Super excited and looking forward to the run!

This year, POCARI SWEAT aims to become the first beverage in history to land on the surface of the moon. Developed by Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Japan, POCARI SWEAT has the closest composition to our body fluid, allowing it to be absorbed more quickly by our body to sustain our body's performance and hydration. 

In cooperation with Astroscale, the expert for design and space technology, a special project called the Lunar Dream Capsule Project is launched. In this special project, the Lunar Dream Capsule will contains POCARI SWEAT powder which is specially designed and developed for delivery to the moon, with the hopes that the beverage can be made with the water found on the moon's surface one day.


Before astronauts ascend to space, they have to go through lunar landing programs to prepare themselves for their journey. One of the upcoming activity is based in selected NTUC FairPrice hyper-marts (refer to poster above for the dates) which will involve hydration examinations and space run simulations to heighten the anticipation for the Run.

With every purchase of POCARI SWEAT products worth $5, you can visit the POCARI SWEAT booth at participating FairPrice stores and experience the specially designed space pod. Here you can get your photo taken as if you were an astronaut floating in outer space and get it printed on the spot to bring home. The space pod will also share how proper hydration can improve one's physical and cognitive performance. In addition, a roving astronaut will be present at selected times for photo taking opportunities. Be the first 50 participants of the day and you will also receive additional items such as a POCARI SWEAT squeeze bottle and sachet. 

Alternatively, simply purchase $5 worth of POCARI SWEAT products at any FairPrice outlet island-wide, snap a photo of the receipt as proof of purchase, and send the photo over to a stipulated mobile number. Upon completion of this step, you will stand a chance to win a Jabra Sports Pulse, worth $298, as part of the Grand Lucky Draw. 

Join the POCARI SWEAT Run 2016 to run to the moon together! Sign up now as registration closes on 1st July 2016 or once all running slots are sold out. 

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