Tuesday, January 09, 2018

[Personal] Concluding 2017 and Gudetama's Guide to Life 2018

Before I start my first post for 2018, I felt that I should probably do a short round up of 2017. 2017 was the year I entered into my next phase of life. Two big life events occurred and is definitely major enough to create a change in my lifestyle.

2017 Best Nine Photos on Instagram is all about Baby Rena!
First was the birth of Baby Rena and that upgraded my status to become a Mother. Secondly, I started a new job and my office is in the CBD area. This feeling is similar to that of a frog that has just jumped out of the wall to see the world. I'm overwhelmed yet at the same time excited.

Relaxing corner - Just got to find out about this space in the office
To usher in this egg-citing new year, my first gathering with my group of blogger friends was held at the Gudetama Cafe at Suntec City. This is also an advance meet up for Jessie's birthday.

Gudetama Lobster Onsen - Luscious Lobster Bisque in a crusty bread bowl, with a relaxed and chilling Gudetama - $16
Unlike other Sanrio characters that emphasise on cuteness, Gudetama is just a lazy egg yolk. I guess why Gudetama can gain so many fans is probably because of how people can relate to its lazy and whatever attitude.

RiB - "I" don't care - Chargrilled NZ Angus ribeye steak topped with creamy wild mushroom sauce, grilled vegetables and Gudetama mash - $28.50
"I don't care what I am. I'm just going to be eaten in the end." As this saying goes, the Gudetama in this dish is not even an egg but mash potato! So this is Gudetama's guide to life number 1. Don't care what others think of you, do what you think is best for yourself.

BiG "NUA" Breakfast - Bacon, spicy pork bratwurst, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans and Gudetama on a buttery brioche toast - $25.90
"Too lazy to wake up early for breakfast? Don't worry as their Big "Nua" Breakfast is available all day! That's me and I really feel like nua-ing in bed already. Took three photos and my eyes were all barely opened in the three photos. Imagine going back from work and having to come out again and baby decided to poo after bath just before going out. Plus the crazy raining, cooling weather. I'm lazy and need to rest just like Gudetama and this is Gudetama's guide to life number 2, if you get tired, learn to rest (nua), not to quit!

Overall, the dishes are pretty cute and decent since they are devised by the same person from The Soup Spoon and Joe & Dough. However, a bit overpriced. Good for photo taking and the experience especially if you are a big fan of Gudetama.

Thanks for the lovely group photo!
A well coordinated group photo. Those in black standing at one side. Couldn't  join them for the coffee session after our dinner with a sleepy baby around. I guess our next gathering would be coming soon next month and am looking forward to it.


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