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[MOVIE] Gala Premiere - Return of the Cuckoo 《十月初五的月光》

Very looking forward to attending the Gala Premiere of the movie Return of the Cuckoo. This is the sequel from the well-loved Hong Kong Drama of the same name back in 2000 called 澳门街 in Chinese! It's a 15 years difference. I did not watched that drama series back then but Jessie, who brought me to this Gala Premiere did and so she roughly told me what the story is about while we were making our way to RWS to attend the red carpet. Thanks!

Even the movie ticket is so special and nice.
 This movie is directed by Hong Kong renowned director Patrick Kong 叶念琛,featuring lots of Hong Kong's biggest stars such as Julian Cheung (Man-Cho), Charmaine Sheh (Kwan-Ho), Nancy Sit (Aunty Q), Michael Tong (Kam Sing) and Joe Chen (Kiki) from Taiwan.

Can't really see much of the stars at the red carpet session.

Much better view of the Hong Kong stars in the theater! So good to see them close up in real life! The main characters of the drama series continued to act in this movie. It was mentioned that Charmaine Sheh took one week to consider whether to take up the role or not but I guess if she don't, the movie won't be the same anymore.


For those of you who've not watched the drama series back then, it would be good to watch this video of some flashback scenes and trailer with the Cantonese theme song 祝君好 sang by male lead Chi Lam as the background song. I really fall in love with this song after hearing it the first time.

In the drama series back then, the show ended with Kwan-Ho getting married to Szto Lai-Sun and it was a big disappointment to a lot of fans who have wished that she would be together with Man Cho. So in this movie, the director sort of granted the wishes of the fans by arranging the plot such that Kwan Ho returned back to her hometown and that her husband, Lai Sun and the kids were all killed in a car accident. Kwan Ho was suicidal and Man Cho took up the duty to take care of her and their romance re-ignites.

I was quite disappointed with the story line as I felt that the director could have included some flashback scenes from the drama to reinforce the significance of some of the actions that Kwan-Ho and Man Cho would do. Like the piggy back scenes as well as the blowing of whistle. Couldn't really feel the connection between them.

An additional role to the movie, Kiki is a refreshing character to watch. She is born a mute and in the movie had to expressed her emotions through sign languages and expressions. Her role was there to let the audience know that the last 10 years while Kwan Ho was away, Mun Cho also has a companion but while Kiki has fallen for him, he still loves Kwan Ho. So after rejection, the director cut this character away from the scenes too.

There were a lot of scenes portraying how Man Cho took great care of Kwan Ho. Drinking on her behalf, rushing down to her place whenever something happened, losing sleep over a few days, and even accompanying her to bungee jump which I felt is very touching for a guy to do that. Giving his time without any conditions.

This bungee jump scene was film at the Macau Jumping Tower between the two main lead characters. In reality, Charmaine was supposed to jump but hesitated due to old injury and fear of height thus a substitute was used for the scene.

Even towards the ending, when Man Cho found out that he has a blood clot in his brain and need to do an operation which may cause memory loss, we still see his jovial side. The last part, we see Man Cho opened his eyes after the successful brain operation and saying, "君好,我没事。" It was later revealed that he was actually reading from a note that he was holding. Thus, it was implied that he might have already lost part of his memory.

Personally, I felt that a drama series would be more enjoyable to watch. Thus, I would only give an average rating.



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