Sunday, April 18, 2010

1 day Muar Trip

Before the sun rises and while everyone is still tucked under the blanket, my parents, my bestie and I had already gathered here at Blk 359 waiting to board the coach to Malaysia. Muar to be exact. Organised by the RC, the itinerary includes a ferry tour, visit to Muar's temple, hot spring and shopping!!! Also included in the trip is one free lunch and dinner. Was very curious about the hot spring, didn't know if it's full body type or just those soaking of our feets one.

Heehee. Happy us :D

Breakfast at own expense at this coffee shop. One thing about breakfast at own expenses is we got choices of what we what to eat instead of the meals being fixed for us.

So we ended up ordering this so-so so-so Wantan Mee. Thinking that it must be very yummy but it was really so-so so-so.

Selling fried dough stick (油条) but no sight of soy milk (豆浆).

This thick wooden hula hoop should be a cheap and simple alternative to the uZap. =X

YoYo Native Food store. Don't understand the meaning of this signboard. Only Selamat Datang the people from these countries? Or Terima Kasih the people from these countries that purchased the most?


Pose pose only. Never buy. =X

They have unique and nice names for their washrooms. "Listen to the rain" for the ladies and "Waterfall" for the gents.

Due to the fact that we have a very "HUAT" tour guide who speaks so softly but HUAT so loudly, the whole ferry ride, we all couldn't catch what he was trying to introduce us to. So the next best thing we do was to self entertain ourselves and take lots of photos. :)

Had Chinese lunch at this air conditioned restaurant.

Temple visit.

Photos taken at the "Hot Spring". Well, far off from my imagination. I thought it would be like those natural style whereby we can soak our whole body in with but this is just like a pool to soak the feet only. All of us soaked till our whole feets turned red! Like cooking prawns. If whole body go down under this already so hot weather, I think I rather die.

Went to another Native Food store and all of us bought lots of tibids back. LOL.

Finally it's shopping time, the time we most look forward to but what a pity we were only given one hour. Bought two pair of shoes there. Quickly explore around the place and found that the hair salons there are all very very very CHEAP. Freaking cheap. Rebond Plus treatment only RM 70! One shop even offered at RM 50!! OMG. No need to think liao, I shall go there to do my hair, hopefully can find people to drive in, if not must take a cab. 


We had dinner at this wedding style restaurant. Hmm. Chinese style also. After eating is home sweet home time. Lucky still early and bestie no need to take cab home :) A great day to spend a lazy sunday I would say. Thanks bestie for the photos and accompany. Did a little research on Muar and realised that we have almost covered those places that this website had mentioned at the places to visit.

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