Tuesday, June 21, 2016

[EVENT] Official Launch of Régilait Milk Powder - 100% Made in France

REGILAIT, the French leader in milk nutrition, has arrives in Singapore! 

Milk has many health benefits and comes with a great source of vitamins and minerals such as calcium. Calcium is required to strengthen bones and prevents osteoporosis and it's good to start drinking milk at a young age so that the body can absorb in the nutrients. Milk can help maintain healthy teeth, improve our complexion, reduce high blood pressure, lower risk of diabetes and both colon and breast cancer.

Régilait, a lauded and beloved purveyor of high-quality instant granulated milk powder and leading brand in France is now available in Singapore. This brand was even awarded the Healthier Choice and Halal certifications.

As seen in the video above, Régilait is a French dairy cooperative. This means that they are able to control the entire chain of milk production - from procurement at farms to manufacturing of the final products, offering full traceability.

Régilait products are 100% made and packaged in France and 100% made from real pure cows' milk, with no fillers added, no maltodextrins and rich in proteins. All the nutritional qualities of the milk are preserved under their stringent quality manufacturing process. Régilait's farmers are committed and need to adhere to strict rules on governing, breeding, production, animal welfare and its impact on the environment.

During their official launch at Tower Club, we were introduced to a line-up of 4 different Régilait milk products that will meet the different nutritional requirements of different ages. Suitable for consumption by everyone from ages 3 and up as toddlers below the age of 3 have their own specific needs. There was also a presentation on nutrition information by Ms Tan Ling Ai, Nutrition Consultant.

(Your partner for slimming)

This delicious skimmed cows' milk is fat-free and helps you to control your calorie intake, maintaining your weight and stay beautiful day after day. The REGILAIT CALORIE REDUCED helps to restore a balance diet if you have diabetes or high cholesterol. One glass of Regilait Calorie Reduced (250ml) contains only 89 kcal!

(Your partner for strong bones)

A delicious skimmed cows' milk enriched in calcium and vitamin D that helps to build, support and maintain bone mass at all key stages of life. It contains an optimal composition of calcium, proteins, vitamin D and phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorous help to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D enables the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus. Protein contributes to maintaining strong bones. Drinking two glasses of the fat-free REGILAIT CALCIUM PLUS can meet our daily calcium needs, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

(Your partner for vitality)

Get the boost you need with this fat-free, delicious skimmed cows' milk that contains 8 vitamins: A, D3, C, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12. REGILAIT MULTI-VITAMINS contributes to our daily nutritional needs that may not be sufficient in the food we consumed. Vitamin A helps us achieve good vision, a healthy immune system and spur cell growth. Vitamins B9, B12 and C help to reduce fatigue, vitamins B1, B2 and B6 contribute to normal energy metabolism and vitamin D helps maintain strong bones. The ideal choice for working adults, students, sports enthusiasts and even pregnant or breast-feeding women.

(Your partner for a balanced diet)

A tasty, semi-skimmed cows' milk that contains 14% more calcium and 25% less saturated ft than a regular dried milk. REGILAIT LOW FAT has a fine creamy taste and is the perfect solution between nutritional balance and great taste for the whole family.

After the presentation, chef Lisa Leong showed us in her cooking demonstration how Régilait Milk Powder can be used as an ingredient in desserts or dishes. Beside just milk enjoyment, Régilait milk powder can also be mixed with coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

The food and beverages that were prepared for us to try using Régilait Milk Powder as part of the ingredients. Dishes we tried are the Milk Scones, Curry Ayam Indo, Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate Milk Shake.

One of the plus point for Régilait milk powder is that the milk powder is able to 100% dissolve in hot and cold water thanks to their unique granulation process. Tried and tasted. Usually, if you add milk powder to cold water, it won't be able to dissolve completely and milk curdles would formed but for Régilait milk powder, the final cold milk that we drank was so yummy and smooth. No longer do we need to left the hot milk to cool down before drinking it.

 I'm also very amazed by how the Curry Ayam Indo was prepared without using coconut milk but just Régilait Milk Powder, Dancing Chef Curry Paste and other spices. The dish taste so delicious and I had a few servings.

I will share some of the recipes in my future posts but right now, Régilait milk powder can be bought at selected NTUC FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage for $22. Be your own chef and create your own recipe with Régilait milk powder.

Thank you for the invitation. Tower Club at Republic Plaza is so beautiful with an amazing view outside. Ending my post with a lovely group photo with my friends. Thanks Jessie for the photo.


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