Thursday, September 06, 2018

[Event] Big Mac 50th Party with Exclusive Merchandise to be WON

 Celebrating 50 Years of Big Mac

McDonald's Singapore celebrates 50 years of Big Mac and I'm glad to score a pair of the Big Mac 50th Party admission from @alvinology giveaway contest! Needless to say, my plus 1 is my hubby who is a big fan of the Big Mac since young! With the launch of so many new burgers, it's been a while since we last ate a Big Mac.

It was a casual and fun party held at McDonald's at Marine Cove. We had our share of food and games to go along during the party and most of us won some exclusive merchandise or food vouchers. 

Here's what in store for all in celebration of the World's iconic burger 50th years. 

 1. Enjoy a Big Mac Extra Value Meal at $5.50

Yes, the Big Mac Extra Value Meal is now selling at a special price of $5.50 instead of the usual price $7.55. That is a $2.05 savings which one can use it to buy 2 sweet corn ice-cream! 

  2. Join the Big Mac Karaoke Contest to win Exclusive Merchandise

From 7th to 9th September, simply head to McDonald's Singapore Instagram account (@McDSG) to take part in their Big Mac Karaoke Contest and stand to win exclusive Big Mac Merchandise including Big Mac Cap, Big Mac 50 T-shirt and a Big Mac Tote Bag!

This is the lyrics to the jingle for the contest. During the party, this is one of the games we played and the fastest rapper to this verse won. 

  3. The Spicy Chicken McNuggets is back

The Spicy Chicken McNuggets had returned as a six piece ala carte item in the menu at $4.85 and a nine piece ala carte at $6.40. In my opinion, the taste on its own is good without the need for any sauces. 

  4. Launch of the Limited Edition MacCoins

The Big Mac commemorative coins or MacCoins was especially designed for this Big Mac 50th Party!

 5. The Ingredients inside the Big Mac Special Sauce

Credit Image to McDonald's Singapore Facebook Page

Our takeaways from the party! Ryden won by answering a question correctly and they are also so kind to give us the MacCoin to bring back home in a glass vase. Thank you! 

Random photos taken at the party.

A group photo of the happy faces at the end of the party.

Once again, let us celebrate 50 yummy years of Big Mac and head down to any stores to enjoy your Big Mac Meals. Don't forget to share the photos with the official hashtag #BigMac50.


Saturday, September 01, 2018

[Event] Sentosa Sandsation 2018 is back in Marvel Edition

Back for its second year, Sentosa Sandsation 2018 allowed Marvel fans to get up close to their favourite Super Heroes as they were brought to life at Southeast Asia's biggest sand festival.

Rena and myself attended the event dressed up as Wonder Woman, but Ryden kept nagging that the character is not from Marvel but is DC Comics. Rena's outfit was actually bought for finals of PS Baby Star contest, but we didn't managed to get shortlisted and mine was from the previous DC run. I felt that this is the perfect occasion to dress up.

After a short 12 minute stroll from the Beach Station to Sapphire pavilion at the Siloso Beach, I'm glad we were the first 100 to check in at the Islander Booth in our Super Hero costume. We received a goodie bag with 1 Limited Edition MARVEL Comic Book, an Islander individual Membership and a Token Fun Pass!

After the collection, we walked to where the entrance of sand sculptures are displayed, which featured altogether 15 popular MARVEL icons from the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and more. Here I will just post a few photos.

Characters and location from Marvel universe were especially sculpted by the internationally-acclaimed JOOheng Tan and his team of international sand sculptors.

In addition to the Sand Sculptures display, there was also a competition held live where 14 of the world's best sand sculptors pit off their skills against each another in the Sentosa International Sand Sculpting Championship. The theme for the competition revolve around MARVEL and the best sand sculptor will walk away with the Golden Shovel Award.

For kids 5 years and above, there is also a sand sculpting workshops where kids can use their imagination to create their own masterpieces after a demonstration by a master sand sculptor. Onsite pre-registration is required and the slots were really filling up fast.

Beside these, there are also other exciting activities, such as the Hulk Smash to test your strength and Freeze frame at their 180-degree video booth. Admission to the exhibition is Free but some of the activities will require the purchase of tokens.

All locals residents get to enjoy FREE Entry into Sentosa via the Sentosa Express or drive-in via car from 1 - 16 September 2018, which coincide with this marvelous and sandsational event. Take this chance to have a nice outing with your family or friends. Opens daily 10 am to 9pm!

For more information, do visit their website at


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

[EVENT] LG SIGNATURE - Definitive Products with Premium Services and Bonus Rewards for Customers

The old Parliament House has been preserved and converted to The Arts House. LG has used this historical venue to introduce their LG SIGNATURE Products. LG SIGNATURE has shaped a state-of-the-art living experience with their design, function and performance complemented with the new premium service for customers which I will share more in the later part of this post. 


Bobby Tonelli, the host of the event did a brief introduction of the following LG SIGNATURE innovations

Official Photo Credit to LG Singapore
The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W8 features a breathtaking "wallpaper" design that blends into the wall making it looks like an open window into another world.

Official Photo Credit to LG Singapore (Cropped)

The LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine boasts a beautiful touch-enabled Quick Circle User Interface that is embedded in the glass door for a seamless look. The surface of the washing machine is protected from scratches and corrosion with a luxurious enamel coating. 

Official Photo Credit to LG Singapore
The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator gives users a unique experience with the two knocks InstaView Door-in-Door™ compartment and Auto Open Door features.

Official Photo Credit to LG Singapore

The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier delivers a breathtaking visual experience of the air cleaning process through the Rain View Window. It is equipped with an exclusive LG SIGNATURE Black Filter™ System which can filter fine dust particles of up to P1.0, and is reusable for up to 10 years.


We were then invited to take our seat inside the Old Parliament Chamber where LG SIGNATURE showcased its series through a wonderful performance which delighted our senses of sight and hearing.

Official Photo Credit to LG Singapore

Principal Percussionist and Associate Principal Timpanist of Singapore Symphony Orchestra Jonathan Fox put on a Glass Tapping Symphony performance. His rhythmic actions emulated the action of knocking on the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator's InstaView Door-in-Door™ feature.

Official Photo Credit to LG Singapore

Ballerinas graced the stage next and danced to the music on a light projection of water waves, a reflection of LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine's aesthetic design against the picturesque scene of the moon setting over a lake.

Official Photo Credit to LG Singapore

The costumes of the ballerinas are adorned with LED lights and their graceful movements that mimic rainfall is to symbolise the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier Smart Indicator & Rain View Window Function. 

Check out the full video of the performance below

Official Photo Credit to LG Singapore , THANK YOU!

This is my first time stepping into the Chamber and I can't help but to take photos of myself inside.


After the performances, a panel discussion comprises of three expert influencers shared on how LG SIGNATURE benefit them.

Andrea Savage, Co-founder of award-winning interior design studio Design Intervention, touched on how home appliances play a huge role in perfecting the interior design.

Beatrice Tan, Founder of local fashion label KLARRA, discussed the importance of fabric care, and how finding the right washing machine is crucial for a fashionista.

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant shared about his bespoke creations inspired by the sophistication of LG SIGNATURE.

"It's no secret that designers are inspired by the world around us, each LG SIGNATURE product is designed to reflect a heavenly theme - the moon, stars, rain, ice - while remaining true to the essence of each appliance's functionality. It's the perfect combination of design, comfort and usability that allows for perfect integration into our homes, with luxury and designer element," said Ms. Andrea Savage, interior designer and co-founder of Design Intervention. 


The event continues as we went back to the showcase area to test out the products as well as to stimulate our taste buds with the specially crafted canapes and drinks.

These exquisite LG SIGNATURE inspired canapes were designed by renowned Chef Emmanuel Stroobant of French fine dining restaurant, Saint Pierre which was awarded one-star for the recent 2 consecutive years at the Michelin Guide Singapore. He also concocted an exclusive LG SIGNATURE cocktail for the guests to enjoy through the evening.

 To bring home the experience, each guest got to bring back a personalized cocktail kit with a LG SIGNATURE Cocktail recipe so that we can recreate the bespoke drink.


Official Photo Credit to LG Singapore

LG SIGNATURE has launched an exclusive premium care for all customers who purchase the LG SIGNATURE products from today onwards. Under this premium service, customers get to enjoy the following benefits:-

1) Complimentary delivery and standard installation of LG SIGNATURE products
2) Home demonstration on how to use LG SIGNATURE products
3) Annual on-site product inspection for 3 years, where an LG personnel will check and ensure these innovations still perform at their optimal levels
4) Priority LG SIGNATURE hotline at 6512 0575, where a team of professionals will attend to the customer's service request within one working day.

With these benefits, one do not have to worry about who to look for when it comes to servicing their LG SIGNATURE products.


In addition to the new premium service, bonus rewards are in store for LG SIGNATURE customers. Simply purchase LG SIGNATURE products from 14 August to 13 November 2018 to qualify and receive rewards such as a luxury hotel suite stay, or dine at Michelin-starred restaurants. Just need to register online at to enjoy the rewards.

For more information on LG SIGNATURE, please visit their website at