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[FOOD] ENJOY EATING HOUSE AND BAR : Homely Local Dishes at Kam Leng Hotel along Jalan Besar

Enjoy Eating House and Bar is a newly sprout restro-bar to enter the eatery scene in Singapore. Within just a few months of presence, they already had lots of positive reviews online. Located at the ground floor of the rustic Kam Leng Hotel along Jalan Besar Road, Enjoy Eating House & Bar does fits in to the heritage hotel itself.

The eatery had a twist of modern and retro vibes with the eye-catching colours used. At the bar counter, a big part of the wall was decorated with the peranakan tiles but no, they don't serve peranakan food but focuses on local cuisines.

At night about 9pm plus, the lights will be dimmed creating a more chill-out vibe and making it an ideal place to hangout after dinner with Happy Hour prices all night for drinks, bar games and live football.

A little background about Joel Ong who is also the main chef there that came out with most of the recipes in the menu. Chef Joel discovered his passion for cooking at a relatively young age and he left NUS at the age of 20 to pursue his passion at the At-Sunrice Academy and became a business owner after graduation. For almost 6 years, he has been running his own Thai restaurant brand Rochor Thai and now he wanted to return to his roots for his next project. As a local chef, he pride himself highly on his skill with the wok, a skill that is slowly becoming a lost art especially among the younger generation. To him, the intense flavour imparted by the wok and the ubiquitous "Wok Hei" are the main reasons why our local food is so well loved.

With a goal to turn the place into a destination restaurant, a zichar-styled menu was personally curated to feature our favourite local unique dishes. Only the best and freshest ingredients were used to prepare the dishes, the kind you would expect to use when entertaining guests at home. In fact, all of their sauces are made in-house with no added MSG and the food is prepared to order so every dish is served freshly cooked.

The food and drinks that we had tonight. Line Brown and Line Cony jar cups are so cute!



This was a Thai-inspired dish created from Chef Joel's extensive experience. The texture and juiciness of the meat was what made the dish such a crowd favourite. There was a good balance between the fats and meat. Dip the cheeks into their special concocted sauce for a burst of flavours.


I could smell the "wok hei" of the bee hoon the moment it was being served. The dish was inspired by the huge pot of te kah (braised pig trotter) that his grandmother used to make. Knowing that his grandmother just departed, this dish was a great comfort food and warmed my heart. The braised pig trotter meat was really tender.


One of Singapore's iconic dish is definitely the Chilli crab but it's too messy to eat. Chef Joel solved the problem by creating a fuss-free version of the dish using pan-seared sea prawns. The sauce was his own recipe and it really goes well with the fried mantous. The spicy level was really mild so those who couldn't take spicy food could also enjoy the dish. I'm really missing the dish now as I'm writing this. The prawns were partially deshelled making it really easy to eat without the mess of using hands.


This soup was made from scratch by boiling the fried fish bones for hours to achieve a collagen-rich soup with a natural milky consistency. I'm amazed that no milk was added to this soup but a shot of brandy to elevates the flavours.

We were also served the SHIOK PRAWN PATTIES as appetizer. The patty is really chewy and succulent.

No meal is complete without desserts, and to end the wonderful meal, we were served with two desserts. The TEOCHEW ORH NI and CHENDOL PENNA COTTA. A truly sweet ending to the meal.

True to the name of the restaurant, we really enjoyed ourselves with great food and company. The food evokes a sense of nostalgia just like how a home cooked food taste like. Everyone feels at home while catching up. I can't really pick which one is my most favourite dish as they are all so delicious. What I can say is that there is no dish that I don't like. Highly recommended to visit the restaurant and give the food a try. Thanks Meryl for extending her invite to me and I can finally catch up with my friends. Thank you Enjoy Eating House and Bar once again for having us.

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383 Jln Besar
Kam Leng Hotel
Singapore 209001


Monday to Sunday
11:00 am - 1:00 am

Enjoy Food - Enjoy Company - Enjoy Life


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